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Friday, 3 February 2017

Tasteless Tonge: Shame on her. Again.

Here's Baroness Tonge being interviewed on Iran's propaganda satellite channel recently, along with Massoud Shadjareh of the UK Islam Human Rights Council about Donald Trump and Israel.

Her Ladyship makes her debut around 4:30.  The interview is interrupted by a cross to footage of a Neturei Karta nutjob who went to Paris for the 15 January "peace conference," after which it resumes.

The Neturei Karta representative, who of course represents a minute fraction of Jewish opinion in the world today, made the NK's mantra-like distinction between Judaism and Zionism, and back in the studio Her Ladyship exclaims "It is very very wicked indeed to conflate the two [Jews and Zionists]"

She nods her head to Massoud Shadjareh's assertion that "What we need to have eventually is one state" and observes that "Trump and Netanyahu together could make the abscess explode" - as Shadjareh put it, "the beginning of the end" of the USA's "authority in the world" and downfall of Christian Zionism and the victory of the Palestinians.

When asked by the interviewer for her views on Trump's appointment of his son-in-law Jared Kushner as White House adviser, Tonge denounces the appointment as "medieval".

What's truly medieval is the treatment of women, virgins awaiting execution, homosexuals, religious apostates and political dissidents at the hands of the Iranian regime whose propaganda channel this avowed feminist has no qualms whatever about appearing on.

I've made these points before in relation to anti-Israel leftists who appear on Press TV and will not belabour them here.

For Her Ladyship, as for much of the Left, there appear to be Good Jews and Bad Jews.

No prizes for guessing what stance the Good Jews take towards what the Iranian regime that runs Press TV calls "The Zionist Entity". 

In the screenshot at left she's using  a recently reported humanitarian initiative by the South London Liberal Synagogue as a stick with which to beat those Israelis who have the temerity to defend their little state against terrorism, Arab rejectionism, and aggression.

It so happens that Her Ladyship like others on its mailing list has received a communication from the Community Security Trust  (CST) informing her of its new report on antisemitic incidents in the UK last year. 

Here's the video  referred to in the letter.

Dear The Baroness Tonge
Today CST has published our 2016 Antisemitic Incidents Report, which shows that last year we recorded a record high number of antisemitic incidents across the UK. The total of 1,309 antisemitic incidents in 2016 was a 36 per cent increase from the 960 incidents we recorded in 2015.
You can download and read a copy of the report here, and see our media release here. The media release includes quotes supporting CST’s work from the Home Secretary, the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, the Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Antisemitism and Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan, who is the national lead for the policing of Jewish communities.
There is no single explanation for the high number of antisemitic incidents in 2016, which was spread uniformly throughout the year. Rather than being caused by a specific, sudden ‘trigger event’, as has been the case with record totals in the past, it appears that the record high incident total in 2016 may be due to the cumulative effect of a series of events and factors that, taken together, created an atmosphere in which more antisemitic incidents are occurring, and are also more likely to be reported to CST and the Police. These factors include high profile allegations of antisemitism in the Labour Party; a perceived increase in racism and xenophobia following the EU referendum, including an increase in recorded racial and religious hate crime; and regular, high-profile discussion of antisemitism, racism and hate crime in mainstream media, politics and on social media during the year. They follow the terrorist attacks on Jewish communities in Europe in 2015 and the war in Israel and Gaza in 2014, all of which have contributed to keeping antisemitic incident levels high in the UK since summer 2014.
Obviously this increase and the record high total are deeply concerning. CST currently records, on average, more than double the number of antisemitic incidents per month than was the case four years ago. All of these incidents require processing and analysis and most of them involve some degree of victim support and Police liaison by CST staff and volunteers. We will continue to endeavour to give the victims of antisemitism, and the wider Jewish community, all the support and assistance they require, as we do every day.
We have produced a short video about the 2016 Antisemitic Incidents Report which you can view here. Please feel free to forward and share this video.
I would like to thank you for all your help and support for CST’s work over the past year. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.
Yours sincerely
David S Delew MBA Chief Executive Community Security Trust (CST)
 Here's more:

Baroness Tonge has lost no time in responding to the CST:

"Real Decent Jewish People".  There's that "Good Jews"/"Bad Jews" dichotomy again. Historians of antisemitism will know that it's a dichotomy with a long and ignoble pedigree.

This young tweeter has the measure of Her Ladyship:

And of her tasteless email:

Be sure to look at that CST video.

A rabbi's view of Tonge


  1. Unsurprisingly, she is on the "International Board of Reference" of Rev Sizer's new charity.

    1. And how the soon-to-be ex-vicar of Virginia Water seems to be chomping at the bit, eager once he is unleashed to unleash his accustomed views about the Middle East, if his numerous leftist political posts about domestic UK and international affairs etc are any indication!

  2. The Baroness is too stupid to realize that the very notion that it's reasonable for Jews in one place (e.g. the UK) to be punished for what Jews in another place allegedly may have done is inherently antisemitic...

    Of course, she's got her Tonge (pun intended) so far up the Mullah's asses that she's never going to see any fault with the Iranian regime...

    The old hag is as mean spirited and ignorant is every other antisemite I've ever come across...

    1. I never cease to be amazed at the antisemites who are attracted to her social media posts like moths to a flame. Like Sizer, she really needs to do some de-friending.

  3. The NYTs lies, Trump endorses the Bush Letter+!
    NYT Misreports Trump’s Statement on Israel

    Eugene Kontorovich ‏@EVKontorovich
    Much better than Bush-Sharon letters. no limitation to "blocs." No mention of "two state solution," just "peace." Pretty big deal.





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