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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Swedish Feminista Politicians Obey Male Iranian Masters

Self-abasement bigtime!  In a spectacular display of the hypocritical feminism that blasts President Trump and other Western men for misogyny real and supposed, these Swedish feministas bow their hijabbed heads to the leaders of a country known for very real and hideous oppression of women.

In the process these whacky Swedish hypocrites (whose own country, now the rape capital of Europe owing to Islamic mass migration , betrays its women and girls) have betrayed Iranian women, for whom encasement in body sacks is compulsory, despite the pleas of Iranian feminists fighting the hijab whom they have blatantly ignored.


Hillel Neuer of UN Watch has the lowdown on these wicked women.  Inter alia:
'In a statement that has gone viral on Twitter and Facebook, UN Watch, a non-governmental human rights NGO in Geneva, expressed disappointment that Sweden’s self-declared “first feminist government in the world” sacrificed its principles and betrayed the rights of Iranian women as Trade Minister Ann Linde and other female members walked before Iranian President Rouhani on Saturday wearing Hijabs, Chadors, and long coats, in deference to Iran’s oppressive and unjust modesty laws which make the Hijab compulsory — despite Stockholm’s promise to promote “a gender equality perspective” internationally, and to adopt a “feminist foreign policy” in which “equality between women and men is a fundamental aim.”
In doing so, Sweden’s female leaders ignored the recent appeal by Iranian women’s right activist Masih Alinejad who urged Europeans female politicians “to stand for their own dignity” and to refuse to kowtow to the compulsory Hijab while visiting Iran.
Alinrejad created a Facebook page for Iranian women to resist the law and show their hair as an act of resistance, which now numbers 1 million followers.“European female politicians are hypocrites,” says Alinejad. “They stand with French Muslim women and condemn the burkini ban—because they think compulsion is bad—but when it happens to Iran, they just care about money.”
 The scene in Tehran on Saturday was also a sharp contrast to Deputy Prime Minister Isabella Lövin’s feminist stance against U.S. President Donald Trump, in a viral tweet and then in a Guardian op-ed last week, in which she wrote that “the world need strong leadership for women’s rights.[Emphasis added]
"Trade Minister Linde, who signed multiple agreements with Iranian ministers while wearing a veil, “sees no conflict” between her government’s human rights policy and signing trade deals with an oppressive dictatorship that tortures prisoners, persecutes gays, and is a leading executioner of minors.
 “If Sweden really cares about human rights, they should not be empowering a regime that brutalizes its own citizens while carrying out genocide in Syria; and if they care about women’s rights, then the female ministers never should have gone to misogynistic Iran in the first place,” said UN Watch executive director Hillel Neuer...."

See also Neuer here


  1. Honestly Daphne, these bitches with their excuses for Muslim male chauvinism make me sick, like Kathleen Wynne -

    1. She looks sad and forlorn and I wonder what her true thoughts are. However, she was in a mosque. There was no reason for these wretched Swedes to cover their heads, other than their own malevolent political intent. If they had any integrity and self-respect at all they would not have done so, much less, as Hillel Neuer's posts show, bow and scrape to that odious regime.

  2. The entire nation of Sweden appears completely rudderless, aimless, leaderless. They're just flopping from photo op to photo op driven by social media trends. I have to say it really looks too late for Sweden to reverse course and possibly save itself. It will probably coast along catching on fire here and there for a few years until it splutters out. What comes next might not be Islamic because Islam really doesn't want a nation state that functions like a nation state albeit poorly. It just wants to be fundamentalist Islam enacting sharia like the 8th century. As long as they can keep the lights on and basic services running they might not care whether the Islamic Republic of Sweden exists or not. More likely it just collapses into anarchy. Its Nordic neighbors have neither the ability or desire to intervene even if the Swedes wanted them to, which they don't.

    The 'world's moral superpower' will wink out in a few years. If the Muslims are able to hold onto a nation state it will only be bad for all of the rest of us. Muslim Sweden will of course declare de facto war on Israel and on the few Jews left in Sweden. It will attempt to spread terrorism throughout the EU and it would of course Sweden's official neutrality to bring millions more Muslims into Europe.

    1. Yes, Trudy, Sweden's a textbook example of a nation committing suicide before our very eyes. Unbelievable.

    Trade Minister Ann Linde led a business team last week and faced criticism for wearing a headscarf, or hijab.
    Sweden says it has the world's first "feminist government".
    A prominent Iranian women's rights activist and Swedish politicians have criticised the decision.
    "It is ruinous to what is called a feminist foreign policy" said Liberal party chief Jan Bjorklundwho said Iran oppressed women through legislation.
    The Swedish government should have requested that female members of the delegation should not have been required to wear a headscarf, he said, and that if he request were not granted any trade agreements should have been signed in Sweden or a third country.


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