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Sunday, 12 February 2017

The Windmills of the BBC Mind

Ah, the crafty BBC.  If they can't get their leftist propaganda across by one route, they'll get it across by another.

"We did this," the BBC's fictional lady doctor says (in an indictment of Western policy) during the year's first episode of Silent Witness. "Make beasts." 

Propaganda to soften up the public regarding mass Muslim immigration, from the drama department of the BBC  

The plot  focuses on the plight of "desperate people".  But the traumatised "Syrian refugee girl" is hardly  representative of the testosterone-fuelled so-called "asylum seekers" in the "camps" across the Channel waiting to be smuggled into Britain.

Another propaganda piece, courtesy of Al Beeb's Travel page recently, entitled "What can Albania teach us about trust?":
".... Little known to most, Albania was one of a few European countries to emerge with a larger Jewish population by the end of WWII than at the start, saving nearly all of its original Jews while offering refuge to more than 2,000 others from surrounding countries. Despite pressure from Italian fascists and occupying Nazi soldiers, Albanians refused to yield their guests, as doing so would not only result in great shame but would bind the master of the house to  “clean the blood”, meaning to take vengeance.
 More recently, Albania has again found itself offering besa, this time to those travelling from the Middle East. Hundreds of Iranian exiles are currently residing within the country after having been relocated from Camp Liberty in Iraq. Albanian prime minister Edi Rama has also expressed an intent to aid Syrian refugees, provided a collaborative agreement is reached with other European nations, saying that Albania will not ignore its duty.
Despite all these heroic instances, unassuming Albania remains unrecognized for its great services to the huddled masses of the world. The truth remains that this Balkan nation is small and poor, and as such, it hardly receives international attention for its exploits. Yet, at a time when refugees are being turned away at borders all over the world, it seems that there is a lot to learn from Albania’s penchant for hospitality...."  [Emphasis added]
An earlier attempt at this propaganda went slightly awry, leaving the propagandists with egg on their face:
"EDITOR'S NOTE: A previous version of this story stated that hundreds of Iranian refugees were residing in Albania. We've updated the text to explain that these Iranian refugees had been relocated from Camp Liberty in Iraq. We’ve also clarified that the refugees from Kosovo were mostly ethnic Albanians."
From EdgarDavidson's blog here

And then, of course, there's the direct approach at propaganda, brazenly thumbing the nose at Al Beeb's obligations to be objective required of it by its Charter and its Producers' Guidelines.

On a recent Newsnight the BBC's John Sweeney  displayed a shamefully naked piece of bias in his piece about Geert Wilders, whose policies he attacks and whom he belittles and vilifies  (


To quote Al Beeb:
"Populist parties are growing in strength across Europe - emboldened by both Brexit and Trump. There's Marine Le Pen and the National Front in France of course. But there's a critical election before that: next month, in Holland. Geert Wilders - who leads the anti Muslim Freedom Party is hoping to top the ballot. He wants to take them out of the EU, and to 'de-islamise the Netherlands' with a ban on immigration from Muslim countries. In 2016 he was convicted of inciting discrimination. The Dutch coalition system means it's unlikely Wilders will be crowned Prime Minister. But he could end up leading the largest party which would chill European centrists and boost other populist movements throughout the continent. We sent John Sweeney in pursuit."
Towards the beginning Sweeney waits for an opportunity to "have a natter" with Wilders, and when he gets the chance to buttonhole him he tells him "Some people say you're a bit of a fascist""Well, don't talk to those people" is the reply.

Wilders later grants an interview to the sneering BBC man, who says with regard to the Dutchman's concerns regarding mass Muslim immigration into Europe (it's not Muslim individuals he's against but rather the ideology of Islam which is "incompatible" with Western freedoms, he explains): "Aren't we going back to 1939?"   It's less a question than a reflection of Sweeney's own views.

"People are equal.  Ideologies, values ... religions are not equal" observes Wilders, who speaks at some length about "cultural relativism".

Sweeney's mind is already made up, and avoiding the role and contribution of The Elephant in the Room he concludes the program, funereal tones to the fore: 
"There is no doubt that this man is changing what was once the most liberal country in Europe into something quite different." 
Not an iota as different as what these charmers have in mind:

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