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Monday 25 March 2013

"The New Antisemitism" In Action In London (videos)

Recently, in London, examples of what the Chief Rabbi terms "The New Antisemitism." in inglorious action.

First (and this is surely relevant to the demonisers' absurd decision to send a petition to the BBC mentioned in my previous post), a demo last month outside the BBC's premises, with "Jews for Justice for Palestinians" giving aid and comfort to those who want Israel eliminated.  Note the despicable comparison of Gaza to Auschwitz ...

Also last month, a noisy protest outside the Wigmore Hall protesting the appearance of the Jerusalem Quartet.  Regular BDSer-watchers might note a not unfamiliar Irish voice raised against Israel ...

A few days ago, with anti-Zionist Jews abetting Israel's mortal foes, a demo outside the Charities Commission against the charitable status of the Jewish National Fund:

(All videos MrAlexSeymour's Channel)


  1. Be that as it may. We point it out, have a little chuckle at their pathetic efforts. When we should be at every single one of their events screaming and blasting airhorns and jumping over their lines to throw chairs and disrupt their events. Every single one. Every single time. Find an 'Arab' event one that has the barest connection to the so called Palestinians or even one that does not and go to town on them. For example while Richard Millett does fantastic work infiltrating these events and taping them - what we should be doing is storming them, interrupting them and keeping THEM from attending. The annual 'debate about whether Jews have a right to live in Israel that's staged every year? There should be 200 people storming the place and drowning them out every single time. Just like there are Muslims screaming for 'the gas' there needs to be these people's home addresses and schedules plastered all over the web with their pictures.

    1. Golly, Trudy, you sure don't mince words! Imagine the streetfights, and the ensuing "a plague on both your houses" attitude from the general public!

    2. Hello Daphne,
      Respectfully, Trudy is entirely correct.

      Please read this:

      And remember Hillel's injunction: "If I am not for me, then who is for me? And if not now, when?"

      Also, IMO, the general public, forced to take sides would have a great deal more respect for the Jews than they do now. AT the very least, many of the powers that be would curtail these anti-Semitic protests because it would pay them to.

      Chag Pessah Sameach,
      Rob Miller

    3. Good onya Trudy. My sentiments exactly.

    4. As if they're going to dislike 'those odious Jews' some more? So be it. No one's thrilled with the Mosque of Hate duJour either. But they fear them, they respect them. They accommodate them. If we live in an era of low level persistent anxiety about the next swarm of displeased angry people, then we need to embrace that. If we live in a world where we have to battle brownshits, I'm ok with that. We need to establish a regime where EVERY response is over the top. Every time. Otherwise we might as well all move to Malmo and wait for the end.

    5. I think Trudy is right - more or less. I wouldn't throw chairs or physically attack people, of course - because that WOULD engender the "plague on both your houses" attitude, but I would certainly see to it that none of their gatherings could proceed peacefully. And if a peaceful pro-Israel presence IS met with violence (as, apparently, they frequently are, to go by Richard Millett's reports), then (and only then) Violence should be met by Violence. Give these bastards a few bloody noses.

    6. Thanks for the comments, Rob, Shimona, and Shirlee - I'll mull them over!

    7. How comfortable and confident they are in spewing their Jew hate.

      Interruption with instruction might be another way to go. Storming them will only engender further Jew hatred and vindicate the hater's stereotypes and lies. Instead, drown them out with pictures of the "Palestinian" reality; pictures of Itamar, rock throwing at babies and women, copies of anti-Semitic schoolbooks and images of children being raised and trained for terror and used as human shields in the act of killing innocent Jews and juxtaposed to the Zionist reality of images of Israeli Jews and Arabs living side-by-side, serving in the Knesset, attending Israeli University. Images they never see in the MSM and will probably be a message they would never see any other way.

  2. Brian Gioldfarb25 March 2013 at 09:22

    I would guess that that well-known stalwart of JfJfP Deborah Fink wasn't there. or else she would have been "singing" (I use the word advisedly) one of her anti-Israel songs.

    Along with her co-JfJfP member Deborah Maccoby, she consistently failed to provide evidence of what she was arguing for, and merely repeated herself, ad nauseam.

    Just like the voices here: no evidence (do they even know how to define "apartheid", or what breaches of human rights look like on the ground? They should ask any handy Darfuri), just repeated slogans.

    Pity there wasn't a group of passing Israeli to burst into Israeli songs, including Hatikvah: that would have shut the protesters up!

    1. Ah, yes, Brian - like the memorable occasion Israeli passers-by broke into Hava Nagila during a protest outside Ahava!

    2. I remember doing something like that, many years ago, at Hyde Park. I began to sing something in Hebrew - I can't remember what - and other scattered Israelis nearby joined in, one by one, then more and more, and eventually, we started dancing a hora. Everyone lost interest in the anti-Israel lot and gathered round us and we taught them to dance the Hora. With the large number of Muslims over-running London these days, I'm not at all sure this would work today.
      Chag Sameach ve'Kasher.

    3. That's fantastic!
      Chag Sameach to you too, Shimona, and to all Jewish readers.

    4. After the war a group of Jewish ex-sevicemen and women formed 43 Group. They took the PHYSICAL fight to the pubs and wherever the antisemites met and spread there poison. Vidal Sassoon was a member, a cut and blow by day and an uppercutt at night.

      Have a good peasach and to our non Jewish friends a very good easter.

    5. Thanks for that reminder, Steve - interesting point.


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