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Monday 18 March 2013

Facilitating & Thwarting Hamas's "Dead Baby Strategy"

"I'm not pro-Israel, I'm not pro-Palestinian, and I'm not pro-American.  But as a journalist I'm pro the facts and pro the truth."

Little wonder that the Jerusalem Post's West Bank and Gaza correspondent, Khaled Abu Toameh, the man whose journalistic integrity bears out that assertion of his, is being recognised for his fair and courageous reporting about Israel at a gala function in New York next month under the auspices of CAMERA, the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting, (at which Douglas Murray will be the keynote speaker).

It's safe to say that the BBC's West Bank and Gaza correspondent, Jon Donnison, who is bound not only by moral and professional but by his employer's obligation to report in a neutral, objective manner, will not be so honoured any time soon.

One of the most egregious of Donnison's outrages upon facts and truth concerned, of course, the tragic death during Operation Pillar of Cloud [aka Defence] in November of infant Omar Masharawi, the son of their BBC colleague Jihad (or, as they soon decided to style him, Jehad) Masharawi.  And Donnison wasn't the sole BBC journalist who hastened, despite the likelihood that a misfired Hamas rocket was in fact culpable (as is now known to have been the case), to lay the blame for the baby's death squarely at Israel's door.

As BBC Watch observes:
"The BBC used the story of Omar Masharawi to advance the narrative of Israel as a ruthless killer of innocent children. It did so in unusually gory detail which etched the story in audiences’ minds, but without checking the facts, and with no regard whatsoever for its obligations to accuracy and impartiality. BBC reporters and editors  – including Jon Donnison, Paul Danahar and the many others who distributed the story via Twitter – rushed to spread as far and wide as possible a story they could not validate, but which fit in with their own narrative.
It is impossible to undo the extensive damage done by the BBC with this story. No apology or correction can now erase it from the internet or from the memories of the countless people who read it or heard it. Nevertheless, the people responsible for the fact that the unverified story was allowed to run – and that it was deliberately given such exceptionally extensive coverage – must be held accountable for their failure to even try to uphold the standards to which the BBC professes to adhere." (Read the rest here, as well as Adam Levick's piece here)
And as Alan Dershowitz observes in a must-read article:
"....The errant rocket that killed Omar Misharawi was fired by Hamas terrorists from a densely populated civilian area adjacent to the home of the BBC reporter Jihad Misharawi. Hamas selects such locations for firing its rockets precisely so that Israel will respond by firing into civilian areas and killing Palestinian civilians. They regard such dead civilians as “shahids”, or martyrs for the cause. It is better for Hamas’ publicity campaign if the rocket that kills the Palestinian baby was fired by the Israeli Defense Forces, but even if the rocket was fired by Hamas terrorists, Hamas will claim, as they do regarding this death, that the lethal rocket was fired by Israel. Often the evidence is inconclusive, though the forensic evidence in this case points clearly to a Hamas rocket.
The important point is that it doesn’t really matter who actually fired the rocket that killed the baby. The baby was killed by Hamas as part of a calculated strategy designed to point the emotional finger of moral blame at the IDF for doing what every democracy would do: namely, defend its civilians from rocket attacks by targeting those who are firing the rockets, even if they are firing them from civilian areas....
Babies like Omar Misharawi will continue to die in Gaza and in Israel so long as the world media continues to serve as facilitators of Hamas’ dead baby strategy. [Emphasis added] Every time a picture of a dead Palestinian baby being held by his grieving parents appears on television or on the front pages of newspapers around the world, Hamas wins. And when Hamas wins, they continue with their deadly strategy. The media, therefore, is complicit in the death of Omar Misharawi as it is in the deaths of other civilians who are victims of Hamas’ dead baby strategy. Pictures of dead babies in the arms of their grieving fathers are irresistible to the media. That won’t change. What should change is the caption. Every time a dead Palestinian baby is shown, the caption should explain the strategy that led to his or her death: namely that Hamas deliberately fires its rockets from areas in which babies live and into which Israel must fire if it is to stop its own babies from being killed...."
Read all of Dershowitz's article here 

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  1. I must have missed the part where the bastards who for 60 years have been quietly uttering Jew hate were suddenly adopting a policy of 'fairness' because it's nice to be nice. Make no mistake, if Tel Aviv were nuked tomorrow, the western media would run stories about the hardships of the Arabs in Ramallah.


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