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(From Proclamation of the State of Israel, 5 Iyar 5708; 14 May 1948)

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Thursday 21 March 2013

"'Anti-Zionism Is The New Antisemitism ... Israel Is The Greatest Collective Affirmation Of Life In The Whole Of Jewish History": Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks

Lord Sacks, Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of Britain and the Commonwealth, who was born three years after the end of the Second World War and like most British Jews of his generation assumed antisemitism had been all but eradicated, made an impressive, impassioned speech to the recent AIPAC Policy Conference in New York:
'.... [I]n all my life I never experienced a single incident of antisemitism until 11 years ago.
Eleven years ago, our youngest daughter, who was studying at a British university, came home in tears. She had been at an anti-globalization rally which quickly turned into a tirade first against America, then against Israel, then against Jews. And with tears in her eyes she said, Dad, they hate us. That is a terrible situation, but it’s reality in Europe today.
In the last two weeks there have been stories about the rise of anti-Semitic incidents in France by 58 percent in a single year; in Belgium, 30 percent; in Denmark, doubled in the space of three years. In England—in France and Italy, English football supporters were attacked not because they were Jews but because they were supporting a football team many of whose supporters happened to be Jews. And I don’t know whether you read this—I’m sure you did—last Wednesday the Turkish president, Mr. Erdogan, called Zionism a “crime against humanity.”
I have to tell you that what we grew up with, “Never Again,” is beginning to sound like “Ever Again.” And at the heart of it is hostility to Israel. Of course, not all criticism of Israel is antisemitic. But make no mistake what has happened.
 In the Middle Ages Jews were hated because of their religion. In the 19th century and the 20th, they were hated because of their race. Today, when it’s no longer done to hate people for their religion or their race, today they are hated because of their state. The reason changes, but the hate stays the same. Anti-Zionism is the new antisemitism. [Emphasis added here and below]
 .... I’ve come here to tell you that I believe the example of AIPAC must now inform Jewish communities around Europe, because we have to stand up and fight and we have to stand up and win. Friends, anti-Zionism is today rife throughout the world. All our students on campuses know about it. And what is our crime? What is Israel’s crime? It’s that we have chutzpah.
 Let me tell you the chutzpah we have. After all, there are 56 Islamic states, there are 125 nations whose majority is Christian, and now Jews want a state of their own. How dare they? And it’s so big. Friends, you know how big Israel is?
.... Israel is the same size as Kruger National Park. How dare they want something that big? Don’t Jews by now know that their role in history is to be scattered, dispersed, homeless, and defenceless? And now they want a space where they can defend themselves. How dare they? Friends, we dare because we are human. We dare because to be denied the right to self-defense is to be treated as less than human. Mr. Erdogan, it is anti-Zionism that is a crime against humanity.
.... [How] much longer must the Jewish people have to fight for the right to be? Let me tell you, friends, what is Israel. Elaine and I have just come back; just 10 days ago we were on a series of missions in Israel. And let us remind you what we saw, what you saw, what everyone sees but the world does not see.
We saw school after school and youth village after youth village where children at-risk or children from dysfunctional or abusive families are taken and given the care that will give them hope and a future in life. We saw youth villages where Ethiopian children are given the means suddenly to make that leap across centuries and cultures and find their own excellence. We saw the power of love to transform lives.
We saw hospitals. I don’t know if you’ve been recently to the Rambam Hospital in Haifa. In Haifa, the Rambam Hospital is building the world’s largest underground hospital, proof against bombs, missiles, chemical and biological weapons, so that when Israel’s enemies decide to destroy lives, they will continue saving them.
We saw the new Bar-Ilan Medical Center in Safed, set up to bring the finest possible medical treatment. Who to? Only to Jews? No. To Muslims, to Christians, to Druze villages throughout the Galil, because to be a Jew in Israel means you care for every life; every life is sacred.
 We saw the Laniado Hospital in the Netanya, a place I always visit because it moves me almost beyond words. Many of you know the Laniado Hospital was built by the Klausenburger Rebbe, a survivor of Auschwitz who during the Holocaust lost his wife and all 11 children. And there in the camps of death made an oath that if he should ever survive he would dedicate the rest of his life to saving life.
That is what I see in Israel. Every time I visit Israel I find among Israelis, secular or religious, an absolute unswerving dedication to Moshe Rabbenu’s great command Uvacharta Bachayim, “Choose life.” Israel is the sustained defiance of hatred and power in the name of life because we are the people who sanctify life.
 ....Today the struggle against Israel is no longer just against Israel. Today what is at stake in Israel’s survival is the future of freedom itself. Because make no mistake, this will be the defining battle of the 21st century which will prevail: the will to power with its violence, terror, missiles, and bombs; or the will to life with its hospitals, schools, freedoms, and rights. Believe you me, I have the privilege of knowing.
See, Christians, Hindus, Sheiks, moderate Muslims, and I tell you from my experience Israel is a source of inspiration not just to us but to them as well, because it tells every single person on the face of the earth that you don’t have—a nation doesn’t have to be large to be great. A nation doesn’t have to be rich in natural resources to prosper.
 Israel has been surrounded by enemies and yet it has shown that even so you can still be a democracy, still have a free press, still have an independent judiciary. Israel is the only country in the Middle East where a Palestinian can stand up on national television and criticize the government and the next day still be a free human being.
Israel is an inspiration to the world....
 .... How probable is it that this tiny people, the Jewish people, numbering less than one-fifth of 1 percent of the population of the world, should have outlived—as you just heard—the world’s greatest empires—the Egyptians, the Syrians, the Babylonians, the Greeks, the Romans—every empire that ever stood up to destroy us, they are being consigned to history and still we stand and sing “Am Yisrael Chai”?
How likely is it that after 2,000 years of exile our people should have come back to our land and there in—having stood eyeball to eyeball in Auschwitz a mere three years earlier, eyeball to eyeball with the Angel of Death, in 1948 said, despite the worst crime of man against man, lo amut kiechyeh—I will not die but I will live? Israel is the greatest collective affirmation of life in the whole of Jewish history.
Friends, Judaism is the defeat of probability by the power of possibility. And nowhere will you see the power of possibility more than in the state of Israel today. Israel has taken a barren land and made it bloom again. Israel has taken an ancient language, the language of the Bible, and make it speak again. Israel has taken the West’s oldest faith and made it young again. Israel has taken a shattered nation and make it live again...'
 Watch Lord Sacks deliver the speech, and read the full transcript, here


  1. I wonder if he's freed from the shackles of his office he's now more open to speaking his mind. On the 2 occasions I've heard Rabbi Sacks speak he was always in precisely measured tones in a fairly narrow religious framework.

  2. Thank you for this Daphne

    My first instinct was to send it to our Methodist minister friends in Wales but I think they have had enough.

    cross posted at the Joint

    1. I haven't noticed much nonsense from them of late, Geoff. Not that I check regularly.

  3. Never mind the Methodist's Geoffff, what about the BBC & The Guardian. Oh and the Limp Dems could learn from the above, Oh and the Greens. I could go on and on.

    1. As it happens I did post a link at Connexions because by coincidence, I guess, Kim had put up a post where Rabbi Sacks speech fitted in perfectly.

      I posted it without comment and Richard put it up without comment. I'm not expecting any comment from anyone really

  4. Quite, Steve, and I'm told that Stephen Sizer and Ben White risk repetitive strain injury by posting links to anti-Israel material on Facebook virtually round the clock - much of it really vicious Israel-demonising stuff, devoured voraciously by their followers.

  5. I was present at a speech Rabbi Sacks gave to the Jewish community in Manchester - his sense of humour had us in stitches!

    1. Thanks, Dennis.
      Apologies for the delay in posting your comment - have been away from a computer.


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