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Tuesday 21 August 2012

'When They Said "Three Dead," I Said "Allah Be Praised"...'

From the antipodean J-Wire service comes the following article by bereaved parents Frimet and Arnold Roth, whose young daughter Malki was among fifteen persons killed by a bomb in Jerusalem planted by Hamas terrorists.  It concerns Ahlam Tamimi, one of the terrorists released by Israel in order to procure Gilad Shalit's release :

"Please spend two minutes and 46 seconds in watching the edited extract of a television  interview with the woman who planned and executed a massacre of innocent civilians, most of them children, eleven years ago. Following the killings, she went to her place of work which happens to have been a television studio, and calmly read the evening news bulletin, starting with a report of the massacre that she herself had perpetrated some hours earlier.

After an intense criminal investigation, she was arrested less than two months later and charged with the murders of fifteen people, along with a host of other felonies. She was convicted and sentenced to sixteen terms of life imprisonment. But as a result of cynical political deal, she was freed (not pardoned) and released to the land of her birth where she has become a celebrity. Her recent wedding to her cousin, another unjustly freed murderer, received live television coverage and broad media attention. Not only a celebrity but a hero. [My emphasis here and below]

A still from the video (more on J-Wire)
Watch how the woman’s face radiates the joy that comes from recounting how the death toll grew steadily in the hour or so that she spent fleeing the scene via public transport, unhindered by the police. Absorb the message of how members of the public, unaware the murderer was seated beside them, expressed happiness at the deaths of anonymous children.
Imagine the feelings of the families of the innocents murdered by a person like this as they see her achievements celebrated and honored, as they listen to the prideful boasting of an unrepentant killer whose only regret is that she did not manage to kill more. She has confessed over and again since being allowed out of captivity. There can be absolutely no doubt that her deeds are an inspiration to countless others seeking the glory and vindication that her society has delivered to her.

Ahlam Tamimi, a very happy person, lives in complete and unfettered freedom in the Kingdom of Jordan from where she has traveled several times in the ten months since her release to such places as Tunisia, Lebanon and Qatar to give public speeches. She hosts a television program of her own that is broadcast by satellite throughout the Arabic-speaking world. She married her cousin in June.
Among the fifteen people murdered by her on August 9, 2001 is our daughter Malki who was fifteen years old. A sixteenth victim, the young mother of a two year old child, has remained in a vegetative state since being injured in the attack.

What should a civilized society do in the wake of this woman’s story?'

The video, which went to air in July, has just been translated and edited by MEMRI; see it and more stills here


  1. My rough sense of it is that the only sane and ethical response for Israel to have to Arab mass murderous attacks is to stop targeted strikes on terrorist leaders and instead revert to a terrorism in kind strategy - one founded on the randomness of terrorism. Instead of mounting an expensive complicated attack on one or two people, fire one or two artillery shells randomly into an Gaza neighborhood or a Ramallah 'camp'. We hear often that old canard that peace will happen when the Arabs hate death as much as we love life. I would change that to say there will be peace when the Arabs fear terror as much as they're happy to dole it out. Make the Arabs fear every day if their families will never come back. Make them worry if their building will blow up and crash down around them. Make them fear the silent shell that takes out a school before they ever hear it coming. This is precisely the proportionality we're told to obey. And realistically it won't kill or maim more people, generally. Moreover it's cheaper to effect. Simply lob one or two 155mm HE howitzer shells for every rocket or mortar flying out. It's cheaper, it's instant and it never targets anyone specifically. That's the beauty of it - the UN can't accuse Israel of having a plan. There's no plan. In fact, invite them to witness every single firing so they can log it in their little book.

  2. More UNESCO approved Palestinian "culture"

  3. Hmmm. Terrorists are savages, but I wouldn't tar all the Arabs with the same brush.

  4. Dubbed as such by George W. Bush, I believe.


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