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Friday 3 August 2012

"Like Blowflies At A Barcaldine Barbeque": BDSers Blight Byron Bay

"In the Tweed and Byron Shires there are a lot of Greens," a pro-Israel activist not unfamiliar to readers of comments on my blog observed elsewhere some time ago.
 "They are everywhere. They are like blowflies at a Barcaldine barbeque."
 Remarked another:
"It’s a well known fact that the ferals of Byron Bay are the worst example of the loony left Greens in the country. "
And so it is that the New South Wales beach resort of Byron Bay will soon, thanks to Byron Friends of Palestine, find itself hosting an anti-Israel hate-fest in the form of a BDS Conference, addressed by Palestinian writer Samah Sabawi, Omar Barghouti via video link, and a local councillor (who lists his hobbies as "indoctrination" of his young granddaughter) representing the Greens.

Explains the blurb, in part:
"The inaugural Byron Bay BDS Conference is timed to coincide with the anniversary of the formal adoption of the Geneva conventions on Sunday 12th August 2012.
This conference is a not for profit event aimed at promoting awareness of the moral justification for Palestinian civil society’s call for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel due to her government’s continued breach of international law, covenants and UN resolutions....
This conference is intended also to provide a platform for members of our local community to engage in a question and answer session which will include Tom Tabart as a representative of the Greens. The Australian political climate, its relationship to Palestinian aspirations and Australian government policy regarding Palestinian sovereignty are all subjects that can be explored and discussed. It is hoped that much of the truth about this conflict and the potential of the non-violent methods chosen to end it will become more apparent by the end of this session.
Despite a carefully contrived atmosphere of Islamophobia in the mainstream media we must pause to consider the cultural and scientific gifts to the West from the Arab world: Music, poetry, mathematics, astronomy, sacred geometry, ceramics, weaving and architecture and not least the preservation and revival of ancient Greek philosophy suppressed in the West for centuries.
With that cultural element in mind, the conference will come to a close with a spoken word poetry reading by Samah Sabawi followed by a solo set of music by world renowned Palestinian/australian musician Phil Monsour who recently returned from a tour of Europe and the UK."
Read more here

Below, incidentally, is how Monsour recently wowed Israel-haters in Ireland:


  1. Byron friends of Palestine will someday follow the Italian peace activist who was strangled by Hamas :)

  2. Oh the irony, holding a terrorist supporting event on the anniversary of the Geneva Conventions!

    I’m sure people have mentioned this before.
    Here’s a scan of the book to DL – can anyone read Latin?
    Adriaan Reland - Palestina ex monumentis veteribus illustrata

    1. I've come across that work before, Ian - very interesting link.
      Latin? Don't look at me!

    2. My Latin is well and truly 'mortis' except for a few words and my entire school song of about 5 verses.

      I'm going to ask around. Maybe someone at one of the universities may be able to help

  3. Hi Daphne

    "Like blowflies at a Barcaldine barbecue ..."

    For better or for worse this pro - Israel activist

    has to admit responsibility for that ...

    ...rather than leave Israel Thrives to bear all the blame for just cross posting



    1. I assume you want me to change the link, geoffff.
      It's a great phrase!

    2. The link didn't work Daphne so naturally I took the opportunity to introduce two or three more.

  4. When the rivers run red ...
    We're never turnin' back...
    On the road to victory...
    And freedom ...


    1. ... and there are several more where that came from :~(

  5. Thanks for the free publicity, this really is the funniest thing all week! Boycott Israel!

    1. The above comment says it all in regards to just how pathetic these 'loony lefties' of Byron Bay are. I’m surprised we didn’t hear the cry of ‘The apartheid State’

      Hey - maybe they have finally worked out what Apartheid actually is?

      I wonder if they are aware of what is going on in Syria?

      The Palestinian Arabs have asked for these BDS idiots to stop. They only hurt them. They don't want Israel to pull out of Judea and Samaria either. Israel being there provides them with welcome employment.

      With what is going one elsewhere in the Middle East, they choose for some inexplicable reason, to single out the only democracy.

      It’s the only State in the Middle East that has freedom of speech, a free press and a State whose citizens live under the rule of law.

      It's the only State in the Middle East, where people of all religions can practice their faith freely and openly.

      It's the only State in the Middle East, where homosexuals are free to live without fear of persecution, or indeed execution.

      It's the only State in the Middle East where women are free to do what they want and their value isn’t counted as half of a man’s

      It's the State in the Middle East which resembles our own values and with whom Australia has long stood side by side, as a friend and ally

    2. Not sure how you posted that message, while boycotting Israel?

      Here's a helpful list of things you'll now have to ban.
      Following the decision of your organisation to boycott all goods produced in Israel, you now need to perform the following actions:

      How To Boycott Israel

      A video you should play.
      So You Want to Boycott Israel?

      Last idea, you should print some T-Shirts celebrating Palestinian "culture". Start with this classic.

    3. What's not so funny, Byron Friends of Palestine, is the antisemitism found posted onto the Facebook walls of members of your group - such as references to "Rothschild Zionism" and a photograph ostensibly of an IDF soldier in the bedroom of a sleeping Palestinian child (there are lots of such faked photos around, shame you've apparently been taken in my them)... But then, some people are all too eager to believe the worst of da Joos.

    4. Also why are Byron Bay Useful Idiots Collective discriminating against Hamas?
      They should invite Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum, who condemned a PA advisors visit to Auschwitz, as "marketing of a false Zionist alleged tragedy".

      Hamas slams Palestinian visit to "alleged" Holocaust site

    it's on front page of local paper, loony left too

    1. Thank you for that anonymous. don't these guys realise they are inviting a boycott? I don't think advertisers would be so keen to buy space if they realised how offensive BDS is

  7. "Byron Friends of Palestine" are so courageous and outspoken that one of them left an anonymous message on my answering machine also "thanking" me for the publicity. (thus proving they know my name and where I live).

    Not surprising. Probably most Australian Greens know who I am, especially the local ones. Flattering really.

    Not so courageous or outspoken as to actually publish my questions or comments of course. They almost never do.

  8. I notice that the Byron Bay Ferals say that their conference is intended to provide a platform for members of their local community to engage in a question and answer session.

    Excellent sentiments, provided is a balanced Q & A session and not a one eyed one as I know it will be.

    Earlier today I posted a comment on AFP, though I know I haven’t a hope in hell of it being published. Same as you Geoff.
    I laugh when I think about these Israel haters and their complaining about lack of freedom of speech in this country and freedom of the Press, when they are the worst of all when it comes to censuring.

    Try posting the truth one of their sites and it won’t get posted. Funny that.! They only allow a post if it agrees with their point of view

    Funny too there is no issue getting things published here for them and J-Wire always posts their comments.

    The ECAJ said in the AJN, in relation to the violent BDS protests in Melbourne, by Australian Students for the non-existent country of Palestine.

    “Last week when trespass and other charges against the BDS protestors were dismissed, they claimed this as a victory for the right of peaceful protest.

    This week, after two of the same group were convicted and fined for assaulting police, they are strangely silent

    Their claim that BDS demonstrations are always peaceful has been exposed as a lie”

    I for one can tell you they are anything but peaceful after being attacked last year at one of their actions.


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