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Thursday 9 August 2012

A Welsh Teacher's Despicable Comment On Rabbi's Death By Drowning

Aberystwyth is a shabby genteel Welsh holiday resort whose Edwardian heyday is long behind it, yet which, being quaintly charming and in a picturesque part of the Welsh coast, still attracts plenty of summer visitors.  Each August, for a fortnight, many members of the strictly observant Jewish communities of London and Manchester swell visitor numbers.

Tragically, this year, a 47-year-old London rabbi, Berish Englander, got into difficulties while bathing and despite the best efforts of bystanders was pronounced dead on arrival at the local hospital.
This is how a staff member at nearby school Ysgol Penweddig, David Reeves, who's reportedly been a teacher for 25 years, received news of the rabbi's death.  Reeves commented on Facebook "If only he had used a shower!!!!!'.

 According to the current issue of the Cambrian News, Reeves removed the disgusting comment "when he realised he had upset people".  The paper says he's explained that "his comment was sparked by the fact that he felt that the death could have been avoided."

The paper has been contacted by an unnamed individual who said of the "totally unacceptable comment":
"It was an extremely insensitive remark and particularly disturbing when a person is a schoolteacher.
And in terms of the Holocaust, the Jewish people were told they were going for a shower, when in fact they were going to the gas chambers.  At best you could say it was a crass remark made without thinking."
Without thinking, eh?  The comment, which Reeves described to the newspaper as "a silly mistake" has a repellent stench.

The local education authority is reported to have asked Ysgol Penweddig's governors to investigate the matter thoroughly.


  1. "Shabby"?
    The shabby part is that this is front-page story in this week's Cambrian News.
    A man makes a weak, childish, poor taste joke on his Facebook page. It is offensive, but equally, one can see what he means.
    The paradox that had Mr Englander been less observant he would still be alive is an interesting one.
    Rather like the Lisbon earthquake, it makes us question how a just and loving God can kill those closely following His teachings.
    You have the right to write whatever you like on your blog, why can't Mr Reeves make a crap joke (which he quickly apologised for and removed) on his own Facebook page.
    Best wishes
    Tony Jones

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, that is an interesting and perplexing paradox. But unfortunately there was no hint in what the schoolmaster wrote that he was pointing to a paradox.

  2. he made an insensitive joke, thats all. it was not a racist joke and it was not referring to the holocaust. it was a joke about his manner of death. tactless for sure, but turning into anti-semitic hate speech is a bit hysterical.

    1. Emotions were raw and it was liable to be interpreted in the way you indicate. Best to think twice before making "jokes" especially when the jokester is a teacher.


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