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Monday 6 August 2012

A King-Size Swipe At Iranian Antisemitism

Washington Post columnist and Pulitzer Prize winner Colbert I. ("Colby") King (who,being Black, is not unfamiliar with the scourge of racism) has written in simple yet trenchant terms of the excrescence that is Iranian antisemitism:
"Blame it on my upbringing, or what I learned in school, or what I saw when I visited the Dachau concentration camp in 1968. The Holocaust was the most evil event of the 20th century.
So it is abhorrent to me that a government in today’s world would advocate a repeat of that horror. And it is almost beyond belief that the rest of the world would hear such an outrage and look the other way.
I am referring, of course, to the leaders of today’s Iran and the global ho-hum response to the most virulent form of state-sponsored anti-Semitism since Nazi Germany....
Iran is more than a threat to a piece of geography called Israel. The Islamic Republic of Iran is the greatest threat to Jews to emerge in the past 70 years....
 Listen to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and you hear strains of Adolf Hitler. Read, for example, this from Ahmadinejad’s recent address in Tehran to ambassadors of Islamic countries ....
 The international focus today is on Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons and the threat posed by a nuclear-armed Tehran to Israel. That is too narrow a view.
It ignores the wider threat of Iranian-sponsored anti-Semitism to Jews everywhere. Iran’s bigotry has a global dimension. And that poses a moral challenge to the rest of the world....
Iran violates national sovereignty in order to kill Jews.
The fingerprints of Iran were found in attacks on Jews in Bulgaria, India, Thailand and Georgia. Contending that Iran’s threat is mainly to Israel is to ignore reality, unpleasant and challenging though it may be.
If we are to honor the pledge of "never again," will we be up to preventing the potential genocide of the 21st century?.'
Read the entire article here (Hat tip: reader Jean)


  1. Hello Daphne

    as usual you can expect a total ban of such articles in the french media

    except for this pro Israel site
    just did its translation

    Have a great week

    1. Yes, you are absolutely right as far as the French main media is concerned. But there are 3 sites in France who have still not been closed down by the new virulently pro-arab/islamist Minister of Justice (ha!)Toubira, and who still speak out. Especially is very pro-Israel. And, when in France I heard "Riposte Laique" (whose main agenda is to stop the islamisation of France) being villified because "they are sooo pro-jewish".

      Oh and then there is the absolutely delightful:


  2. Huffington Post and Alternet will cover it...and cheer.

    1. And the editor of the Huffington Post's French edition is now Anne Sinclair, an immensely rich "Jewish Heiress", Leftist, and former wife of Dominique Strauss-Kahn who would have become the French socialist President, would it not have been for his sex-scandals.

      That woman could (and should!) do so much for Israel and the Jewish people, yet....

  3. extremly well put, all the more so from the pen of a non -jew. kol hakavod loh

  4. More Iranian nuttyness
    Anti-Semitic truther lies plus photoshop


    The Iranian Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi is a leading Iranian Holocaust denier. On his official web page, he refers to the Holocaust as a "superstition".

    Shirazi was also the first Iranian Grand Ayatollah who issued a fatwa and explicitly referred to the Iranian rapper, Shahin Najafi, who lives in Germany, to be killed for apostasy because of the lyrics Najafi used in one of his songs.

    Shirazi has a representative office here in London's Harrow Road, known as Babul Murad Centre. He also has a registered charity in the UK, which has received a grant from Brent Council for helping with “Religious Freedom and Tolerance”!!!

  6. A bank headquartered in London accused of collusion with Iran:


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