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Thursday 10 May 2012

"The Raw Throbbing Nerve Underneath The Skin": Daniel Greenfield On The Persistence Of Antisemitism & How The Left Promotes It

"The Nazis were open in their racial animus, while Islam and the left have pretended that their opposition was limited to Jewish ideas, to Judaism and Zionism, but while their persecution of Jews has been sharpest toward those who profess Jewish ideas, that never stopped them from persecuting even Jewish fellow-travelers and dhimmis,"observes one of the prophets for our time, Daniel Greenfield, in an article that should make every Palestine Solidarity Campaign member and BDSer, and many a BBC and Guardian reporter, hang their head in shame.
"The left begins by denying that it is Anti-Semitic, then it denies that the Jews are a race, finally it denies that hating them is wrong. Islam’s chief contribution has been to provide a justification for progressive Anti-Semitism by once again painting the Jews as members of an oppressor group. And the left has repaid the favor by manufacturing an Islamophobia crisis to protect Islamic racism from criticism while deflecting the accusations of racism as Islamophobic.
Anti-Semitism is racism. It is arguably the most ancient form of racism dating back far to the first days of recorded human history. Even as the left prides itself on its tolerance and humanism, it sinks back into a mire of hatred as old as the pyramids.  The persecution of the Jews has always been racial. It is still racial. That racial hatred may be dressed up in conspiracy theories about international Jewish power and an obsessive campaign against the Jewish State, but friction always exposes the root of the hatred, the raw throbbing nerve underneath the skin."
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  1. Jews are a race ? Smacks of Nazi eugencis. There is only one race among humans Homo sapiens.

  2. Greenfield is an excellent writer and often has terrific insight, imo.

    BUT he is wrong about the idea of the Jews as a "race." There are no races beyond Homos Sapiens as anonymous says. Science simply does not recognize race as a biological category.

    "Ethnic group" is probably a better term.

    Nonetheless, I read pretty much everything that he writes at this point. Call it a guilty pleasure.

    Israel Thrives

    1. I think what he means is that they deny the concept of Jewish Peoplehood, the fact that Jews are linked by a common history and destiny, and that in denying the legitimacy of Zionism the usual suspects are denying the right of this People to its national liberation movement. It's but a short step away from denying that the Jews are a distinct People to denying that they have any historical connections whatever to ancient Israel: the old Khazar smear is then liable to raise its racist head.

    2. "...Nonetheless, I read pretty much everything that he writes at this point. Call it a guilty pleasure...

      I too read nearly everything he writes, but I call it one of my most innocent pleasures. :)


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