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Sunday 6 May 2012

As Nutty As A Fruitcake: Australian Anti-Israel Judeophobe Loses Appeal Against Prison Sentence

Here (in 2009, when a demo by Friends of Palestine was taking place) is anti-Israel activist Brendan O'Connell protesting a Perth (W.A.) supermarket's stocking of "offending fruit", and making some truly despicable antisemitic assertions against "Judaics", Judaism, and Israel.  Watch him mock and harass the young Jewish man who stands up to him by defending Israel. 

O'Connell, who amplified, with gusto, his hateful crackpot views regarding Jews and Judaism to the boys in blue (see this video which has attracted a host of judeophobic comments, some extremely repellent, from like-minded people) was sentenced last year to three years' imprisonment having been convicted on six counts of racial vilification.

And now O'Connell's attempt to have his conviction quashed has been dismissed.

I'm sure there must be others besides me who have mixed feelings regarding the wisdom of bringing such a fruitcake to trial, and risk making an icon and martyr out of so obviously marginal and insignificant a figure.

 For further details, including a taste of the nutty remarks the defendant made to the trial judge, see the J-Wire report here


  1. Please when you see videos like those here

    PLEASE "Flag" them, so they are taken down and give them a thumbs down.

    Cite "Hatred or abusive content"

    then "Promotes hatred or violence"

    next it's asked what the hate speech was about

    I put either "Race or religion"

    Then you can really GO FOR IT in the last section, where they ask for your opinion. I frequently make comment, that the comments it attracts, makes the video speak for itself.
    I also report the person's Channel at the same time, asking for it to be removed

    Please do this any and every time you see a racist or antisemitic video

    Another thin you can do is to send it to the JIDF, who will add it to their list for others to report. They like a very brief outline too, not more than 3 or 4 words

    Home page


    1. I'm astonished that there are still such heavy-duty antisemites out there.

    2. I just did that.
      I linked to an article about his conviction and said they were promoting a crime.

    3. I am never shocked at the depth and breadth of anti-Semitism. I am only shocked by its absence. Because racism and anti-Semitism lie at the core of millenia of hate, I am not conflicted about prosecuting this degenerate Jew-hater. I fully support laws enacted by civilized democracies that expose, convict and punish bigotry, discrimination, and prejudice. And while I truly understand that the punishment will never fit the crime, nor will it deter behavior learned at home, society must provide protection for basic human and civil rights under the law for all citizens and severely prosecute those who choose intolerance. That is the lesson of the Shoah.

    4. Interesting insights. Thanks!

  2. Last August , bds were busy demonstrating outside Tesco metro in Londons Covent Garden . They would arrive there Immediately following their Ahava demo also in Covent Garden . Aware of their propensity for staging their nonsense inside the supermarket and subsequent vandalising of Israeli products , I decided to make my own unilateral stand . Working with staff and standing inside the store , I would identify their activists as they entered the store . They would do this in ones and twos , the idea being to attain a critical mass in order to carry out their pantomime .
    They never once managed it while I was there . They would come in , shout a few pathetic slogans and slink out like the pathetic cowards they are .
    On one occassion , one of their number Carole Swords did enter , striking me in the process .
    I made a citizens arrest and she was eventually found guilty of disorderly conduct and given 6 month conditional discharge fined £250 and now has a criminal record .
    Carole Swords is active in the Respect Party and one of the main organisers of uk Viva Palestina .
    I realise these miscreants can carry out their cowardly attacks at any time anywhere in the country , but for all their bravado , they revert to type being cowardly curs in the face of determined opposition .
    We all need to do our part to stand up to those that Finklestein rightly labels a cult .
    For those interested google Carole Swords convicted . It's in Jerusalem Post and Harry's Place among other sites .


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