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We offer peace and amity to all the neighbouring states and their peoples, and invite them to cooperate with the independent Jewish nation for the common good of all. The State of Israel is ready to contribute its full share to the peaceful progress and development of the Middle East.
(From Proclamation of the State of Israel, 5 Iyar 5708; 14 May 1948)

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Wednesday 16 May 2012

Banned! Site That Monitors BBC Bias Needs Your Help

The Biased BBC website (which does a truly amazing job of showing up instances of bias against Israel by the "national broadcaster" and draws attention to related incidents such as this) was, it's discovered, recently blocked on O2 and T-Mobile, and  is classified as a "hate site" by O2’s URL checker.

Writes its chief:
"This is an outrage. Can I ask you to contact these companies and advise them we are a respectable and professional website that focus on the journalistic output of the BBC? Is it a crime to hold the BBC to account?"
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  1. Will folow links, but I like the poster. Who is she supposed to be and what does it say? Just for us gentiles who don't read Hebrew! ;-)

    1. She's Bat-Zion, a Zionist emblem of about 100 years ago.
      I am hoping someone more capable as a linguist than I am can provide the translation!

    2. Joe in Australia16 May 2012 at 22:35

      The text is in Yiddish. The top line says "Your Altneuland [i.e., what is now Israel] needs you." The lower line says "Join the Jewish Regiment!"
      According to Wikipedia it was a recruiting poster for the Jewish Legion in WW1.

    3. Do an image search in or use the google image search plugin.

      'Your Old New Land must have you! Join the Jewish regiment.'

      Larger image

    4. And thanks to you too, Joe.

    5. Thank you everybody.

  2. Joe in Australia16 May 2012 at 20:39

    Daphne, I used to read Biased BBC with pleasure, but it has become increasingly shrill and vituperative. It only took me a moment to find one asking
    "If you have a teenage daughter might you not be interested to know the norms and standards of behaviour and beliefs that drive another community that you live nearby? Wouldn’t you want to know what they think about your daughter and how they can behaviour towards her and treat her?

    And what does Islam tell us about other cultures? What might that Muslim community be thinking in its heart of hearts?"
    [bolded text in original]

    This sort of sneering insinuation directed at all Muslims is disgusting. I'm sad to say that Biased BBC probably should be considered a hate site at present.

    1. I've been told that a so-called liberal site in America considers my site a hate site, Joe, which is ridiculous. And not only ridiculous but monstrous.
      I steer clear in my blogroll of sites which exist merely to dig at Muslims, and rarely mention Islam except when there's some direct connection to Israel.
      I am disgusted by some of the gratuitous and derogatory jibes against Muslims on some sites, but the strong comment on the Biased BBC website that you've quoted does, I think, reflect the horror at a number of sex-grooming cases in Britain at the moment in which Muslims - I would stress certain Muslims from certain backward societies that view women as virtually sub-human - have been the principals. The way the BBC obfuscates these things, which do not fit their all-cultures-are-created-equal agenda, makes BBC-watchers angry and frustrated. Sometimes the BBC fails to report such crimes at all, or buries them in obscure sections of its website. The terrible misogyny that propels crimes such as those takes a back seat to the BBC agenda of over-the-top political correctness, even to the extent of focusing on the behaviour of the victims rather than the perpetrators, and that's why some commenters become intemperate.

    2. Joe in Australia16 May 2012 at 22:49

      I don't dispute that it was a horrible crime, or that people can write things in the heat of the moment which they would later regret. None the less, it is unjust to tar all Moslems with the same brush; if someone asked people to wonder what Jews "might be thinking in their heart of hearts" it would have been clearly antisemitic.

      There have been many articles of this sort on Biased BBC over the past few years, which is why I stopped reading it. I have the perception (which might be wrong) that the site went downhill when Natalie Solent started concentrating on her own blog. After taking a quick look through recent articles I see that almost all the content is now written by David Vance.

    3. My favourite contributor is probably Sue. She writes some most incisive posts and is always temperate.

  3. "I am hoping someone more capable as a linguist than I am can provide the translation!"

    I've asked for you

  4. You have to understand that this is what leftists do. They lash out and scream "racist racist!" not because it's meaningful or even useful but because it's supposed to shut everyone up but them.

  5. In a sane world the BBC would be treated as a hate site.

  6. I just had another look at that poster as I had déjà vu over it.It reads
    Top Line:
    Your Altenland- I need you
    Bottom line:
    Enrol yourself in the Jewish regiment

    I wonder what year exactly it hails from.? We have the famous Lord Kitchener poster of 1914 "Your country needs you!" which is same thing. I wonder which one came first.

    1. Joe in Australia19 May 2012 at 21:30

      The wording is very clever - this was both a disguised effort to produce Jews with military and leadership skills, and an attempt to win points with Great Britain by showing that a future Jewish homeland would support British interests.

      By enlisting in the Jewish Legion recruits would be joining the British army, but they couldn't use anything like Kitchener's slogan ("Your Country Needs You!") because (a) many potential recruits were American or Canadian or (technically) Ottoman: not British at all; and (b) the whole idea was that the program would appeal to nascent Zionists, not just people who wanted to support Britain.

      They had to be subtle about it. They couldn't say "Come and learn how to shoot so that you can form the core of a future Jewish army in Palestine"; that would have been fatal to their chances. Anyway, nobody knew what this new country might be called. So the female figure refers to Altneuland, the title of Herzl's fictional utopia in Palestine. It's a sort of code because it really means Old-New land" and it can be interpreted as a non-political gesture towards encouraging Jewish settlement there ... but the people backing the Jewish legion knew what it meant, and probably most recruits did too.

      The Jewish Legion was at least something of a success in this regard, but I don't know if anyone's really studied its effects in securing military training for the people who would eventually train the first generation of IDF leaders.

  7. The BBC is, like any state controlled media a mouthpiece for the government. Soaps both on radio and tv tend to reflect current issues and try to guide the population in the direction that the government. For example you wouldnt get charaters from the Archers lining up those responsible for making threat calls up against a wall and shooting them. I am extremely concerned about the recent wave of censorship in this land of 'free speech'. The internet can be a dark place but this is the true ugly face of human nature. Repress it at your peril.


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