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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Aussie Judge Compares "Nakba Day" To Christmas Day

"As Australians, we should not be importing overseas conflicts onto the streets of Sydney.  But there is a tragedy today, and it is that when the Jewish world accepted the State of Israel as decreed by the UN 64 years ago, the Arab world did not do the same. If it had, we would be celebrating a state of Palestine today which was 64 years old, just as Israel is. Isn’t it time we all moved on and explored ways to advance peace instead of dwelling on the past?"

So, very sensibly, remarks Vic Alhadeff, chief executive officer of the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies, of the decision to hold a Nakba Day rally (composed of the usual suspects) in the Sydney central business district.  Police had opposed owing the disruption to traffic, but on appeal by march organiser Patrick Langosch, Justice Christine Adamson ruled that the march should proceed , though from 7 p.m. rather than the 5.30 p.m. proposed, in order to minimise such disruption.

An online poll on the Sydney Daily Telegraph shows that an overwhelming majority of respondents deplore demos taking place in the CBD.

According to Henry Benjamin, reporting for J-Wire, during the hearing Justice Adamson cited "the continuing grievances of the Palestinian people" in understanding the reasons for the protest.

In delivering her ruling she agreed with Langosch's contention that "it is not an option to have it on any other day than May 15" (he added that "the demonstration will go on regardless of the decision of the Court"):
 "I do not regard it as reasonable to expect persons commemorating a particular date to defer or bring forward its commemoration so that it can be commemorated on a weekend.
Nakba Day ought be regarded as a day which, like Anzac Day, Christmas Day or Australia Day, is referable to a particular date which is not movable....
If one's purpose were to disrupt commuter traffic, one could hardly choose a better time or place. But this is not the defendant's purpose. His purpose is to conduct a public assembly to commemorate Nakba Day. The date is the product of history."
Sydney Telegraph blogger Tim Blair, in a post mocking the notion of a Nakba Day as described by the judge, notes sarcastically  that the Sydney march started later than organisers wished
"But there’s no holding back other revellers:
Arab terrorists attacked southern Israel with a Kassam rocket early Tuesday and attacked Jews in the Hevron area with two firebombs overnight as “Nakba Day” began …"
Good on yer, cobber.  As Bibi Netanyahu has said of the latest perpetrators of violence against the little Jewish State:
"Their struggle is not over the 1967 borders, but it questions the very existence of Israel, which they describe as a catastrophe which must be resolved.
We are determined to defend our borders and our sovereignty."
 Update: click here for Ben Fordham's interview with Langosch and here for Ray Hadley's take on events (hat tip: reader Shirlee)  See also my next post, where I'll post or link to any relevant videos that come my way...


  1. I attended the rally tonight in Sydney, I saw at least three Hizbollah flags, some rabid Anti-Semites (including one Neo Nazi - and the usual Socialist suspects. They were chanting the usual genocidal 'from the river to the sea', though most of them don't know which river is being referred to. *sigh*, the things you see when you don't have a ....

  2. As for the judge, we live in a day and age when we need hanging judges but all we get are judges that should be hanged.

  3. Andrew Bolt on 2GB commenting about the protest and the judge.

  4. Patrick Langosch16 May 2012 at 07:45

    Your statements about the protesters not getting their way are incorrect. The procession was always planned for 7pm. The court upheld the protest as originally planned. Statements made by police implying this was not the case are simply them trying to save face after a humiliating defeat and to divert attention towards traffic rather than the real reason for opposing the rally - the continued attempts to criminalise solidarity with Palestine.

    1. 7pm Sure it was:
      Stop the War Coalition
      WHEN Tuesday, 15 May 2012 6:00 PM - 6:00 PM

      Send them all to the Ministry of Information!

      Why is an “Arab traditional day" based on the Gregorian calendar anyway?
      Are there any Arabs in your organisation you could ask?

      BTW Nakba was first used in 1948 to refer to the failure of Arab society not the re-creation of Israel.

      Constantin Zureiq wrote in his book The Meaning of Disaster (1948) that:
      “Seven Arab states declare war on Zionism in Palestine, stop impotent before it and turn on their heels. The representatives of the Arabs deliver fiery speeches in the highest international forums, warning what the Arab state and peoples will do if this or that decision be enacted. Declarations fall like bombs from the mouths of officials at the meetings of the Arab League, but when action becomes necessary, the fire is still and quiet and steel and iron are rusted and twisted, quick to bend and disintegrate”.

      Zureiq later reaffirms his thoughts on stagnate Arab society by stating:
      “The reason for the victory of the Zionists was that the roots of Zionism are grounded in modern Western life while we for the most part are still distant from this life and hostile to it. They live in the present and for the future, while we continue to dream the dreams of the past and to stupefy ourselves with its fading glory”

      “we continue to dream the dreams of the past and to stupefy ourselves with its fading glory”
      Kinda sums it all up.

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  6. I’m redoing my last post so it comes up as a reply?

    Tim Blair has a pic
    Like the cabbie said on 2GB, most weddings have more people turn up.


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