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Wednesday 9 May 2012

Irish Musicians Cancel Israel Gig & The IDF Is Defamed In Dublin

Regrettably, Irish group Dervish has bowed to pressure from anti-Israel campaigners in Ireland and cancelled their planned gig in Israel in June.

Observes the justifiably outraged Irish Justice Minister Alan Shatter:
"The Irish Palestinian Solidarity  Group's [sic; presumably the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign] action in directing its members to 'target' the website of the musical group Dervish in order to intimidate the group into cancelling their planned concerts in Israel is nothing other than cyberbullying.
The invitation to Dervish to perform in Israel came from a fellow musician who worked to bridge divides between people through music for much of his life and the objective of the concerts was 'to promote love between two divided communities'.
It is absolutely understandable that the group, in the face of an 'avalanche of negativity' and 'venom' on social media websites took the decision to cancel their concerts -- but it is a great pity that the bullying tactics of the IPSG worked.
If the IPSG were in any way interested in promoting peace and reconciliation in a troubled part of the world they would recognise the value of cultural and artistic exchanges and the contribution such events make to fostering understanding and tolerance. But, unfortunately, IPSG's interest is not in peace and reconciliation."
He pertinently added that the Irish anti-Israel activists ignore
"the constitutional rights of Irish citizens and those who live in this State to get on with their lives, to travel and to perform around the world free from bullying, intimidation and discrimination.
It is particularly extraordinary that the orchestrated campaign targeted at Dervish occurred at a time when thousands have lost their lives in Syria and the IPSG [sic] have remained silent about the crimes against humanity being committed there."
If Norway is, by repute at any rate, the most antisemitic nation in Europe, then sections of the Emerald Isle's population cannot be far behind.  If they are not, it's no thanks to the obsessive Israel-haters who ply their obnoxious trade in public with fanatical regularity, as we've seen in several videos over the years.

Here are our old friends from the dastardly Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign, defaming Israel in Grafton Street, Dublin.  While one (cultural boycott officer Raymond Deane) blares anti-Israel propaganda through a megaphone, a travesty of a "theatrical performance" is acted out, with a harsh-voiced Israel-demoniser dressed, it appears, in British army uniform, playing his Israel-defaming part with particular gusto.

"You are not human" is one of the insults that this fake IDF officer hurls at a "Palestinian".

As one disgusted commenter on YouTube observes:
'Is blowing yourself up in the middle of a bus, killing dozens of children, women, old people is part of the show. I wonder?
By the way, 2 of the more recent victims of Arab terrorism in Israel were a British (Christian) woman who was dead when a Palestinian "freedom fighter" blew himself in a bus stop in Jerusalem, and an American (Christian) tourist who hiked with her British (Christian) friend in the Jerusalem mountains. I'm sure this can be a great addition to this show.'


  1. Dervish ? Never heard of them . Are they a dance group as in whirling dervish ?
    Paul McCartney played Israel . So did Elton John and barbera Streisand . Funnily enough , I've heard of them .

  2. Shatter is IRELAND'S justice minister.

  3. Interestingly, whilst searching for the Dervish web site, I came across the meaning of the name.

    "A Dervish or Darvesh someone treading a Sufi Muslim ascetic path or "Tariqah", known for their extreme poverty and austerity."

    Excellent letter in the Irish Times

    Sir, – I see the members of Dervish have decided to cancel plans to perform in Israel (Front page, May 4th). This is regrettable.

    Irish artists have performed in many countries whose human rights records have been criticised; indeed, Dervish has performed in China. They’re not subjected to such a campaign of venom by activists concerned with the situation in those countries.

    Only the self-styled pro-Palestinian activists take this approach.

    I can happily attend films from almost any country in the world – no matter how tyrannical its government – and do so freely without harassment. If any cinema in Dublin dares to show an Israeli film, it is targeted by a small but very hostile group who stand either side of the door and verbally harass people on the way in and out. The same goes for when Israeli artists are performing in Ireland.

    Attending an Israeli cultural event or visiting Israel does not mean an endorsement of whatever the Israeli government is doing. Only these anti-Israeli activists are pushing that line. An essential part of the campaign by these people is that they get to monopolise the debate.

    If others are prevented from learning about the culture of the region, then they don’t learn about the realities. These activists are then free to skew the debate any way they choose. – Yours, etc,

    1. Excellent letter there, Shirlee.

      Dervish should also be aware that in addition to human rights abuses, China cats are boiled alive so that their fur (made into garments and toys for export to the West)is flea-free, and dogs - including breeds kept as pets in the West - are semi-hanged and slowly beaten to death to make their meat tender.

  4. Derish's career high point was appearing on Eurovision, enough said.

    Forget about them J Lo is coming to TA!
    Jennifer Lopez schedules a Tel Aviv concert for late 2012!

    On the broader point of the lefts hypocrisy
    Tutu wrote, "Many black South Africans have traveled to the occupied West Bank and have been appalled"

    Life expectancy:
    South Africa Total 48.98 – Male 49.81 Female 48.13
    Gaza Total 73.42 Male 71.82 Female 75.12
    West Bank Total 74.54 – Male 72.54 Female 76.65

    Infant mortality rate (deaths/1,000 live births)
    South Africa 44.42
    Gaza 18.35
    West Bank 15.96

    Archbishop Desmond Tutu doesn’t care about Black people!
    Palestinians should send aid to South Africa.

    1. BTW
      Infant mortality rate (deaths/1,000 live births)
      East Timor 40.65
      Papua New Guinea 45.23

      I love a good fact!

  5. Tom Jones Concert in Tel Aviv, Israel. 2012!!!

  6. The positive of the sorry saga with Dervish is it has received attention here in Ireland. I have read several letters from members of the public airing disgust at the behaviour of the IPSC. Not only that, one Irish commentator (Kevin Myers) aired his disgust in an Op-Ed piece a few days ago. Secondly, Dervish in a statement denied having any political motivation for pulling out, they are not participating in the boycott per se. I'll finish by saying the IPSC are a minority who are not just doing Israel harm, but Ireland too in terms of tourism and business. The Irish are decent people, we just have a few very bad eggs with a dark agenda making alot of noise ! An member of the Irish Jewish community.

    1. Thank you for your comment. They certainly do make a lot of noise, judging from all the videos they put out, most of which seem to feature the same harsh-voiced windbag ...


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