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We offer peace and amity to all the neighbouring states and their peoples, and invite them to cooperate with the independent Jewish nation for the common good of all. The State of Israel is ready to contribute its full share to the peaceful progress and development of the Middle East.
(From Proclamation of the State of Israel, 5 Iyar 5708; 14 May 1948)

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Friday 7 October 2011

"Palestinism Makes The Destruction Of Israel A Universal Duty"

In her must-read interview, to which I drew attention on my previous post, Bat Ye'or gives this salutary warning :

"Palestinism is a world policy initiated and imposed by the OIC [Organization of the Islamic Conference] and its Western allies that aims to transfer to Palestinian Muslims the history, and the cultural and religious heritage of the Jewish people. The origin of this belief is in the Koran which states that the Bible is a falsification and that the biblical figures, including Jesus and the apostles were all Muslim prophets who preached Islam. This theory suppresses Jewish and Christian history and legitimacy. Palestinism struggles to eliminate Israel and replace it by a Muslim Palestine since it is based on the Islamization of the Bible.

Palestinism is also a political and theological current working for the Islamization of Christianity by replacing its Jewish biblical roots by the Koranic interpretation of the Bible. The promoter of such theology is the Sabeel Christian Center in Jerusalem that teaches Christians the Islamic interpretation of the Bible.

Palestinism is at the base of the whole Eurabian construct, European dhimmitude and the submission of Western leaders. Palestinism encompasses all Western-Muslim relationships, this is the reason why the West has made the creation of Palestine and the destruction of Israel the most urgent topics of the planet.

This is also in obedience to the OIC who made of Palestinism/antisemitism the base of its policy with the West and its subjugation. Support for the Palestinians is the guarantee for Europe’s security. Westerners have paid billions of jizya (tribut) to the Palestinians as a protection from terrorism. The OIC obliges the West to deny Israel’s rights and adopt the Islamic conception of history where Jewish and Christian rights to their history and culture are denied as we have seen recently with the Islamization of the Hebrew Patriarch tombs in Hebron by UNESCO.

Palestinism makes the destruction of Israel a universal duty."

I guess that's what this chap is telling us, in a crude way.  I have to admit that I'm definitely not a fan of his - yes, much of what he says has merit, but he's so strident, so in-your-face, and he can come across almost as  an anti-Arab hate preacher, which I deplore.   But several people have asked me to post this.  It's appeared on other blogs, but in case you haven't seen it elsewhere, voilà!


  1. Use your brain as a weapon to fight the horrible ideology of Islam and its rabid anti-Semitism with free educational resources provided by the Historyscoper:

    Fly with the eagles:

  2. "... I have to admit that I'm definitely not a fan of his - yes, much of what he says has merit, but he's so strident, so in-your-face, and he can come across almost as an anti-Arab hate preacher, which I deplore..."

    I have to admit that I am definitely a fan of Pat Condell and wish that someone (in power) would have spoken up before it became "acceptable" to loudly and with impunity call for the "death of Jews" in the streets of Paris, London and whoknowswhereelse. THAT is where submissive niceties have gotten us. And, I always had a personal problem with following the advice to "tend the other cheek".

    When Pat Condell says: "The Arabs don’t hate the Jews because of Israel, they hate Israel because of the Jews" he might be foregoing diplomatical skills, but he might also be spot on.

  3. Thanks for the comments!

    Rita, I don't like his militant atheism either, but he's a fellow-vegetarian, so that's a plus!

  4. Daphne, I completely admire vegetarians, being still a fish-eater myself (albeit a guilty feeling one), but I think, especially with the world-wide dangerously increasing Judenhass, encouraged, sadly, even by some Jews themselves, those who seriously do not want to see a replay of the holocaust now need to accept help from any quarters they can.

    Condell is (or at least sounds) militant and even strident in voicing his opinions, but he is listened to, widely! And the fact that he rubs so many people from different philosophies up the wrong way gives him, in my opinion, a legitimacy which one-issue minds may sometimes lack, in the view of others.

    I also think that, having said some pretty unflattering things about Israel in earlier years shows that, looking deeper into what’s REALLY happening, has changed his mind in the right direction, and, hopefully, this could be the first glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, because his delivery, powerful in its (apparent) simplicity, INFLUENCES minds!…IN MY OPINION, she says, stating the obvious ;)

  5. This is as clear a statement of the blindingly obvious truth that I have seen. I applaud the video. He actually went a little further than what I would have said but it is astonishingly close.

    It is also great to see some passion behind this clear headed statement of truth. Like any war, this is a war of words and clashing images and symbols, as much as armies and terrorists. For too long the other side has had the passion. Pro-Israel writers and thinkers risk social and professional isolation. He knows he will lose friends. This issue is the great divider.

    That's one of the reasons passion works depending on the market. One of the battlefields I take an interest in are the universities where passion most definitely plays.

  6. The most important thing about his militant atheism is that neither you or I, or I am confident any reader of your blog, has the slightest urge to cut his throat for it.

  7. Thanks, Rita and Geoff - I take your points!

  8. You know that Bat Ye'or is a conspiracy theorist, isn't it?


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