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Sunday 30 October 2011

"Jewish Homosexual Pig": Islamic Extremists Threaten Pro-Israel MP

It goes without saying that demographic factors influence elections and politicians' attitides, which is why the comparably larger size of Muslim communities in the UK and other western democracies to those nations' Jewish communities poses a worry to supporters of Israel.  The assumption, of course, is that MPs in constituencies with a significant proportion of Muslims - especially MPs elected to Westminster and other legislatures by a small margin of votes - will be tempted to downplay any support for Israel they may harbour, or to jettison it altogether.

But the worry focuses on the increasing political clout of Muslim communities and of the way they behave at the ballot box, to the presumed detriment of Israel's interests in the UK.

Now, however, as Al Beeb reports in the London news section on its website, a bunch of Islamic extremists belonging to the group Muslims Against Crusades, formerly known as Islam4UK (notorious for its poppy-burning - the photo below shows them on their way to do so - and advocacy of autonomous Sharia-governed zones in certain British cities as a first step towards the Caliphate) have physically intimidated a pro-Israel MP.

On Friday afternoon Mike Freer, Member of Parliament for Finchley and Golders Green, and a member of Conservative Friends of Israel (and also, incidentally, of British Asian Conservative), encountered a noisy demonstration as he arrived for a constituency "surgery" taking place at the North Finchley Mosque.  While talking to a constituent he was confronted by about a dozen members of MAC who had forced their way inside.  They had, it seems, planned the action on their website.

One called the non-Jewish Mr Freer (who was active in the campaign to keep Sheikh Raed Salah out of Britain this year) a "Jewish homosexual pig".  He was reportedly threatened, and with the help of staff at the mosque took sanctuary behind a locked door until police arrived (there were no arrests, by the way).

Unlike its previous incarnation, Islam4UK, MAC is not proscribed. Little wonder, in light of its latest antics, that Mr Freer wants the Home Secretary to monitor its actions closely.

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  1. I wish I could have brought more to the blog than a basic news report, Juniper.

  2. I'm afraid that Britain is less than a decade away from hosting Islamic Autonomous Zones which are completely free of UK civil and criminal law. This will be followed by a division in the MoD to create a Muslim only branch of the armed services.

  3. The powers that be did allow a Muslim police officer to opt out of his prescribed duty of guarding the Israeli Embassy.

  4. Daphne, don't apologize for just a news report. You're streets ahead of the dear Jewish Chronicle which doesn't have this story on its website yet.

  5. It seems they haven't, Miranda. Had the news involved some show biz celeb or rightwing nutjob they'd have been on it before you can say "News Stories Lite" ...
    No doubt they'll discover it by and by ...

  6. **Jewish Chronicle which doesn't have this story on its website **

    Miranda...nor will it. I'd take a bet that it won't reach the masses TV too

  7. The Daily Mail has yet more about it here, plus the poppy-burners' plans for this year:

  8. Charming. I guess they don't see the irony of their name.

  9. Shirl, still nothing on the JC as far as I can tell - your prediction to Miranda may be proved correct!


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