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Sunday 16 October 2011

Warning: Does Contain Traces of Antisemitism –That Old Blood Libel Has Melbourne Hard Leftists In Its Spell (videos)

Again.  Against Max Brenner as usual. In the first of these three videos (the second and third relate to a big anti-capitalist demo that took place in Melbourne today) a girl holds up a vicious, stupid sign: "Allergy Warning. May Contain Trace of Genocide".

In truth, each of these protests can be labelled: "Warning. Does Contain Traces Of Antisemitism"

Bravo to the commenters who've posted these messages beneath the above video on youtube:
'Tough as is must be for these Leftists to swallow, they actually have far MORE in common with Israel than they do with its Arab "neighbours".Just try being any of the following in any Middle Eastern country outside of Israel
 - female - gay- non-Muslim - a protestor
While Israel is educating its people (very, VERY well), and contributing hugely to virtually every field of human endeavor (count their Nobel Prizes) the Arabs are still stoning women for being raped or not hiding their faces.'
'Disgraceful preening poseurs Australia - the country where mobs harass Jewish shopkeepers. Imagine what Aboriginal activist William Cooper (not that you posturing fools know him from a loaf of bread) would think.....'
As noted, there was another demo today.  Here's the antisemitic lead-up (it's that so-called  "rich man antisemitism" which I mentioned so very recently):

And here's the footage.  In the words of the uploader:

"On Day 1 of Occupy Melbourne, activists set up camp, had their first general assembly, and a section of the occupation marched from the occupation to protest Max Brenner as part of the BDS campaign against Israeli apartheid."
It seems that the Israel-vilifying guy in the red and white top, who claims that Max Brenner has done "appalling atrocious things" and that "people power" will close down such corporations, has done appalling, atrocious things to his vocal chords, since he sounds somewhat hoarse and (oh dear!) soprano-like by turns.  I guess that's the price these rabble-rousers are liable to pay for screaming "Occupy Melbourne, Not Palestine" and "Long Live Palestine, Long Live The Intifada" over and over again.

What an absolutely disgusting despicable display.
See also my subsequent posts here (raw antisemitism in Sydney) and here (the Melbourne rabble all worked up)


  1. Daphne, I'm curious to know how many anti-Israel demonstrators actually turn up at these demonstrations. It's hard to tell from the video, because it seems to be in a confined space and because of the camera angle. Are you dealing there with large numbers or is it merely a small but very vocal group of hard-core demonstrators?

  2. I think it varies, Shimona. I'm hoping Shirl will be able to tell us more about the numbers they get in Sydney. I'm not in Melbourne at present and can only go by hearsay - I get the impression there are several score of hard leftist plus Islamist students plus old hard lefties from way back and no doubt the stray far right antisemite. I think they might be able to go into three figures (even 200) on occasion - they certainly liaise and plan via Facebook. As for the other cities - the usual suspects in smaller numbers, I believe. The always seem to inflate their numbers but they sure are noisy - and noisome.

  3. The Facebook page for today's event claimed 302 attending...

  4. Right on cue Daphne, here I am !!!

    Last night I spoke with a friend in Melbourne, who went today to the Occupy Melbourne demonstration and then the Max Brenner protest.

    She said she felt physically sick and doesn’t know where to begin describing how she feels about their hatred of Israel, though she does feel it’s more about hatred of Jews, than of Israel. This mob virtually took over the whole city for most of the day, ruining the chance of retailers doing any business. She reckoned there would have been 3 to 400 people

    She also met a guy who had paid for 1000 leaflets to be printed & helped hand them out. There were a good number of non-Jewish Zionists too. The police asked a person who was waving a very small Israeli flag, to put it away as it was provocative . Pam had an argument with him on that score. One little Israeli flag will cause trouble, but Palestinian ones won’t?

    As she said " A sea of un-washed humanity"

    As to Sydney I haven’t a clue. I’ve been busy with Melbourne. Had I known about Sydney, I would have gone to it.

  5. The London cops also pull that stunt regarding the Israeli flag, Shirl.
    Thanks for that comment.
    The mob in the video really look vicious.

  6. Also of interest (thanks, Shirl):
    The Occupy Melbourne forces:

    And Occupy Sydney ones

    No mention of Israel, as far as I can see.

  7. Still waiting for ''their'' official video to surface

  8. I sometimes take an interest in the far left groups and sites that fuel these events and found this at "Socialist Alternative" that struck me

    My guess is a few of us know a bit about "The Battle of Cable Street"

    Make no mistake. These people are as nutty and dangerous as they come. The countries they live in are so irretrievably bad and unjust they must be torn down by a process of revolutionary socialism. This requires an alliance with militant Islam which is a legitimate expression of the oppressed Arab people to imperialism of which Israel is the cutting edge. Israel is an apartheid state guilty of genocide.

    This is what they say.

    I see this article as part of a calculated effort to recruit Jews to their antisemitic faith.

    I left this comment. Anyone want to take bets on them putting it up?

    What a contemptible perversion of history it is for communists to claim credit for Jewish resistance against the pre-war fascists in the UK or anywhere else. Cable Street was the last time the reds stood anywhere near the East Enders before they effectively allied themselves with the fascists (by pretending to be "pacifists" and blaming the war on the Jews).

    All of this is a matter of record. .

    The Trots were just as bad as the Stalinists. If you can use the Jews you will. Otherwise you will join the genocidal fascists in a campaign to murder them all; just as Stalin did with Hitler and you are doing right now with militant Islam.

    You are not going to get away with these lies. You are not going to get away with the genocide of the Jews.

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  10. Not so well done that I didn't notice a post from my resident antisemite - the bloke is seriously disturbed. Calls himself a practising Christian but uses heavy duty antisemitic lingo couched often in obscenities.

  11. Geoff, you are very wrong and I hate to say it but the SA is correct.

    The communist party was very much part of the Battle of Cable Street.

    One person mention in the article you quoted was Max Levitas...uncle Max to me. My father was an elected member of government in the UK for 25 years as a Communist

    The bulk of the CP in the East End were Jewish

    There's a very interesting piece in this week's Jewish News which I have scanned for you, so that Daphne can send it to you. If it's no good I will get one of my contacts to scan it properly for you

    Max Levitas

  12. I haven't any way of sending it to geoffff, Shirl.

  13. Geoff contact me please at

  14. Hi Shirl,

    I've sent you an email. I know about the appeal the communist and other revolutionary (and antisemitic) parties had for Jews and how much they used them from the East End to Carlton.

    But this isn't just a matter of history. They are trying it on again. I guess that was my point.



  15. The "Socialist Alliance" is a trotskyist cult and probably ideologically the most extreme of the far left faith systems. They are also the most resilient and bizarre because they have remained untouched by events such as the invasion of Chechoslavakia (which split the communists in Australia and elsewhere), the rise of Maoism (which split them again) and the collapse of the Soviet Union (which finished off the Stalinists and post-Stalinists as an overt group). As we now know they changed their names and joined the Greens.

    It's hard to talk about this without looking like you are still fighting the cold war but that is exactly what is going on.

    These groups, especially the SA, have gained a new lease of life by forging a strategic alliance with radical Islam and we are seeing the results in our streets everywhere.

    There can be no question that they have no ideological objection to terrorism and violence and it is quite clear they want to see the destuction of Israel just for a start. They need to be watched closely everywhere and I hope they are. Who knows what the militant Islamists will expect of them in return for their support and how much they will be willing to pay for it.

    Shirlee, I know a number of former CPA members and others who call or called themselves "communists" or "socialists" (including a couple of British friends) who are either impartial on Israel/Palestine or markedly sympathetic to Israel.

    Both my grandmothers were born in the East End but had migrated to Australia as young girls with their families many years before my parents were born. All I know about the East End was a visit years ago with indulgent London friends to Bratley Street, Bethnal Green that left me physically stunned and speechless.


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