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We offer peace and amity to all the neighbouring states and their peoples, and invite them to cooperate with the independent Jewish nation for the common good of all. The State of Israel is ready to contribute its full share to the peaceful progress and development of the Middle East.
(From Proclamation of the State of Israel, 5 Iyar 5708; 14 May 1948)

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Friday 28 October 2011

Guest-Preaching Against Israel To Sydney Churchgoers (video)

One video of quite a few of this talk by an Israeli-born American "peace activist" called Miko Peled that have been posted to YouTube by a fervently pro-BDS Christian cleric in Sydney called Father Dave is quite enough for our purposes.  It shows the plausible-sounding soft-spoken Peled, who was on a speaking tour of Australia, telling an audience of church-goers why boycotting Israel is "the right thing to do". He accuses Israel of supporting "terrorism" and assures the faithful that the Boycott is not antisemitic.  Ho-hum.

Beneath this video on YouTube someone named Hocking has commented:
"Australians are hidden from the truth buy the media, which is owned by a 1/2 Jew [sic] called Murdock [sic]."
Sadly, the comment - as antisemitic as it is inaccurate (Rupert Murdoch is not of Jewish descent) -  has earned no reprimand from the Christian cleric who uploaded the video. To be fair, perhaps he hasn't seen it.

As for the media in Australia, well aside from such stalwart champions of Israel's cause as Andrew Bolt, Gerard Henderson, and Greg Sheridan, it would seem to be much of a muchness with the press elsewhere, as the following people questioned by the Australian Jewish News on Carlisle Street in the heavily Jewish neighbourhood of East St Kilda indicate.  (Incidentally, the bakery in the background to one of the interviews is Glick's, celebrated for its bagels and pastries.  Check it out if you're ever in town!)


  1. Father Dave is just another post Christian Israel hater who in the past has expended a lot of effort support a terrorist the govt. were trying to deport. You can be assured he knows the contents of the video.You know he is in into a bit of retail and one of his items was a line of talking urinal tablets with his picuture on them, they would recite a bible verse when activated. Yes, thanks to Father Dave everyone can piss on the word of God.


  2. (I am sorry for missing class recently, I was away.)

    I find the phenomena of “Jews against Israel” repugnant, not because Israel is beyond criticism, it certainly not, but because of their blind acceptance of malicious Anti-Semitic propaganda intended to demonise ALL JEWS, not only those who live in Israel.

    The hypocrisy of such Jews is best exemplified by the man who equates the Palestinians with the aborigines in one of you recent posts – quite apart from the demerits of such twisted view, my question to this fool is: “What are you doing here mister? Why are you occupying Aboriginal land?” Is Bondi Junction less of Aboriginal land than Nethanya is Palestinian’s land?”

    Now we have Miko Peled whose sole claim to fame is that he was (said to be) born in Israel. As one who was born in Israel too, my views, which are shared by 99% of Israeli born people, cancel his views millions times over except that the loony BDS movement will never allow me to speak in one of their brainwashing talk fests and put the FACTS right.

    The preoccupation of the BDS people with the Golani Brigade is imbecile. Golani is part of the IDF and not an adopted private army of Strauss; Golani does not decide which operations it participate in and which not, the high command of the IDF makes such decisions -- picking Golani as an issue is no more than a feeble excuse to justify the unjustifiable.

    For the record; Operation Defensive Shield (in Jenin in 2002) WAS NOT a Golan’s operation as such; it was carried out by Regiment 51 of the Golani Brigade reinforced by Division 5 (a reserve division), Flotilla 13 (Marine Commando), the Engineering Corps of Central Command, the Doovdevan Unit (Elite force) and other supporting units.

    At the time, the Palestinian propaganda machine dubbed the operation “the Jenin Massacre”, claiming a “massacre” of 500-3,000 “innocent” Palestinians, a claim that was enthusiastically adopted by the Israel Hate Brigade and the UN.

    In an ensuing investigation by the UN, the UN (not quite a pro-Israel institution) put the number of Palestinian killed during the operation at … wait for it … 52, most of which were armed?! (*)

    Yet the BDS loons keep parroting “Jenin Massacre” in complete disregard to the UN report , as indeed the very same people continue to claim that that the maritime blockade on Gaza is illegal despite the fact that the UN found it completely LEGAL under International Law.

    As to Mr. Peled, if indeed he is an Israeli born, I would say to him that had it not been for IDF who protected us when we (he and I) were growing up in Israel, both of us would not be here today.

    (*) See paragraphs 43, 56, 57 of the UN report here:

  3. Thanks, Darrin, Jacob, and SG.

    Jacob, I have noticed that the BDSers still talk about Jenin - as if they are all reciting from the same unrevised script. One of the "As a Jews" in the Bondi Max Brenner video I put on a few days ago did so. Revolting.


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