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Monday 13 April 2015

UK Greens, Anyone?

He's hostage to his party's (anti-Israel) far left and to the (anti-Israel) unions
It seems that according to the latest British polls in the lead-up to May's general election the Conservatives are slightly ahead, with UKIP set to cost them votes.

However, the possibility looms that Labour will narrowly win, and be reliant in government on the support of Scottish National Party MPs.

Such a scenario is hardly calculated to bring a smile to the faces of Israel's supporters.

As for the Greens, if the well-documented anti-Israel stance of such high-profile Greens politicians as Caroline Lucas and Pippa Bartolotti is not enough to scare Israel's supporters away, then I reckon the presence since last year of Shahrar Ali as deputy leader of the UK Greens should be enough to keep any friend of Israel awake at night.

 Here he is, raging apoplectically in 2009, and even showing off his singing voice:

 Edgar Davidson (hat tip: Ian) ranks the parties in terms of antisemitism here

Ratbags, anyone? O, the irony!
Incidentally, if you imagine that Israel has (for once) escaped the attention of these Stop The War coalition stalwarts and their union mates demonstrating in London against Saudi Arabia a few days ago, think again.

Those anti-Apartheid banners that you see from 5:10 onwards aren't, as may be assumed, purpose-made to protest the segregation/subjugation of women and lack of churches in the Desert Kingdom.

Oh dear, no.

They're banners that anti-Israel fans of certain British football teams carry outside certain football club grounds to express hatred of the world's only Jewish State.  Glimpsed on this video holding one is the plummy-voiced woman with long grey hair who recites anti-Israel "poetry" to hapless passengers on Tube trains, and seems to be a ubiquitous presence at anti-Israel demos in the British capital:


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    1. Wow, terrific! Must link to it in the text above.

  2. Have added a link back from that article to this (re Shahrar Ali).

    It was indeed interesting to see that those football club ''Free Palestine ... against Apartheid" banners were so prominent at a protest against Saudi bombing of Sudan. I have actually never seen them at a football ground (one of the few places where they will certainly NOT be well received) but they are now always evident at anti-Israel demonstrations such as when Livni spoke in London (see the last picture here:

  3. Also, forgot to mention that the description of the Yemen demo video on youtube says "Angry Yemenis and their supporters taking part in a 'Stop The War' protest outside the Saudi Embassy in Mayfair." I can't see a single Yemeni and the Muslims there look suspiciously like Iranians. Of course the speakers make no mention of the Iranian assault/occupation on Yemen...

  4. Nathan of Plaza14 April 2015 at 17:27

    Greens leaders Natalie Bennett thinks people should be allowed to join IS and AQ if they want to as their personal wishes should be respected -

  5. This "green" monster is tending towards the colour 'brown' as in "Brown Shirts" of not all that long ago. But if you think the "Greens" are better elsewhere? In Germany they are agitating for legalising pedophilia, their European Leader (Daniel Cohn-Bendit) actually bragged on French TV about the delicious "sexuality" of his 5 - 6 years old charges at the time.
    And then the "Greens' PinUp" in Australia, the fake compassionista Sarah Hanson Young shows where their "sympathies" lie also:

    1. Very telling photo, Rita. That particular senator is far too visible on ABC.


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