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Sunday 26 April 2015

"Look, Mom, There Are The Jews": In Berlin, With Israeli Flags Against The Hatemongers

Signalling Their True Intent
As reported by the Jerusalem Post prior to the event on Saturday:
'A pro-Palestinian conference ... has come under attack because of its ties to Hamas and its erasure of Israel on a Middle East map.
“This is a direct pro-Hamas and anti-peace event, with the participation of hard-core Palestinian, British, and German supporters of rejectionism and incitement against Israel,” Prof. Gerald Steinberg, the head of the Jerusalem-based NGO Monitor watchdog organization, told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday.
“The sponsors are reportedly Hamas-front organizations, and the published list of participants include [British Lib Dem] MP Tessa ["several members of my family were Jewish"]Munt, a radical supporter of demonization and BDS,” said Steinberg.
“There is no justification for Germany giving legitimacy to any event in support of terrorists that are waging an immoral war against Israel, with thousands of rockets directed at civilians.”
It is expected that the 13th Palestinians in Europe Conference, which has been held twice in Germany, will attract some 3,000 attendees. The Palestinian Community of Germany (PGD) and the London-based Palestinian Return Center (PRC) are the organizers.
According to German media, the Berlin Senate interior agency classifies the PGD as an organization with Hamas supporters. Germany and the EU have designated Hamas as a terrorist entity. The interior agency noted that the annual Palestinian conference is “one of the most import activities” of Islamic supporters. The logo of the conference shows a map of the Middle East without the State of Israel.
A major aim of the conference is to demand the return of all Palestinians refugees to Israel. Critics say the “right of return” would dissolve the Jewish character of the state.
Asaf Romirowsky, the executive director of Scholars for Peace in Middle East, told the Post, “the full demand of a right of return represents a clear call for the destruction of the State of Israel. Thereby it is anti-Semitic and not in any kind of way furthering peace. The totality of the right of return gives the impression of a halo and legitimacy of conversation, but in reality demands the destruction of the State of Israel.”....'
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This sordid exercise, with its ill-concealed aim the eradication of the sovereign state of Israel,  has of course gone ahead, but there was a rally of brave souls on hand to represent truth and decency (my title, "Look, Mom ..." is derived from a quotation in the link just posted) :

To quote the uploader into YouTube:
"Around 60 anti-Hamas, pro-Israel protesters demonstrated outside the 'Palestinians in Europe Conference' event in Berlin, Saturday. Police reportedly removed a handful of participants from the demonstration.
Approximately 3,000 Palestinian supporters gathered inside to hear speeches, music and film with a video conference from Turkish president, Recep Tayyib Erdogan...."
According to this report,
 "The loudest applause ... went to a British Labor MP, Lord Norman Warner ..."
(That's this old chap, incidentally.  Does he share the Israel-disappearing agenda of the conference organisers, or is he just a dunderhead who doesn't realise he's being used?  I think we should be told.)

Incidentally, for an brand-new insight into antisemitism and racism in Turkey, see here

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