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Monday 6 April 2015

Still Antisemitic After All These Years

It's been estimated that during the Second World War Bosnian Muslims comprised almost 12 per cent of the mainly Croatian Ustaše, the Nazi puppet regime that embarked on a ruthless extermination of Serbs, Romany people, and of course Jews, who then numbered between 14,000 and 22,000 in Bosnia.

For Bosniaks see
But as Wikipedia states in its entry on the Mufti of Jerusalem:  
 "Among the Nazi leadership, the greatest interest in the idea of creating Muslim units under German command was shown by Heinrich Himmler, who viewed the Islamic world as a potential ally against the British Empire and regarded the Nazi-puppet Independent State of Croatia as a 'ridiculous state'.  Himmler had a romantic vision of Islam as a faith ‘fostering fearless soldiers’, and this probably played a significant role in his decision to raise three Muslim divisions under German leadership in the Balkans from Bosnian Muslims and Albanians: the 13th Handschar, the 21st Skanderberg, and the 23rd Kama (Shepherd's dagger)....   Dissatisfied with low enlistenment, Himmler asked the mufti to intervene. Husseini negotiated, made several requests, mostly ignored by the SS, and conducted several visits to the area.] His speeches and charismatic authority proved instrumental in improving enlistment notably....'
Sad to say, despite the small number of Jews living in their country today, antisemitism is clearly alive and well among some Bosnians.

In this shocking footage,
 "Bosnian fans meet a group of pro-Palestine demonstrators and after "Free Palestine" soon start chanting "Ubij, ubij Židove" ("Kill, kill the Jews!") in Vienna's central square (Stephansplatz) a few hours before the international friendly Austria - Bosnia&Herzegovina."



  2. And now there is this attack on a Jewish leader in Bosnia:

  3. Dreadful incident - thanks, Edgar -

    '(JTA) — A man was arrested in connection with the attack on Bosnian Jewish leader Eli Tauber.

    Tauber, an adviser on culture and religious affairs for the Jewish Community of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was attacked by a man wielding a weighted chain at a cafe in central Sarajevo. Many witnessed the attack.

    The attack, which was widely reported in the Bosnian media, occurred on March 21 while journalists from National Geographic magazine were interviewing Tauber about the status of Jews in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    No motive has been determined, but the attack has received high-profile coverage by the local media. Some fear that Tauber, who recently established a foundation to promote Jewish culture in Bosnia and Herzegovina. was attacked because he is a prominent member of the Jewish community.

    “If he was attacked because he is Jewish and because as such he is present in our media, just because he is doing his job, then it would be a very bad sign both for Sarajevo and for Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Jakob Finci, president of the Jewish Community of Bosnia and Herzegovina, told

    Finci said it was the first such attack on a Jewish person in Sarajevo in 70 years.

    Tauber said the attacker, identified as Ahmet Focak, intended to kill him. Focak was arrested two days after the attack.

    Tauber is an advocate for bringing to light the suffering of Sarajevans during the Bosnia and Herzegovina war from 1992 to 1995.'

  4. You have no idea what you are talking about, but that's how lunatic state indoctrinate its children - facts are fictions and fictions are facts.
    To use SS peasants recruits from WWII torn Bosnia to prove Bosnians are anti-semitic is beyond disgusting, it's perfidious !


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