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Thursday 23 April 2015

In Britain, Another Brainwashed Bunch Votes For BDS

Norwich is the cathedral city in England's East Anglia region which has the dubious honour of being remembered in the history books as having been the scene, in the twelfth century, of the first blood libel of medieval times.

In the late twentieth century one of Britain's several "new universities" was established in Norwich, the University of East Anglia.

The students of this pleasantly situated seat of learning have evidently swallowed the blood libels in modern dress that run rampant against the little State of Israel, for their union has voted in favour of BDS.

Scroll down to the final item here to read the motion and its supporting documentation in all their Israel-demonising crap.

Or if that'll prove too much like contemplating used toilet tissue, read the synopsis provided below.

As reported here:
'The University of East Anglia's student body has endorsed the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign, in a motion passed last Thursday.

Meeting for the final time this academic year, the
Council of the Union of UEA students passed the motion "in support of international law and human rights in Palestine" with 41 in favour and 15 against, with 11 abstentions.

The motion commits the SU to severing ties with companies that "facilitate Israel's human rights abuses, military capacity, or settlement expansion", as well as to opposing any university contract with complicit companies.
 The SU also resolved to lobby the university "to adopt an academic boycott of Israeli universities" and provide scholarships for Palestinian students.
The motion describes Israel as "an apartheid state" and mentions specific crimes and abuses including illegal settlements, atrocities in Gaza, and "systematic" discrimination in both the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) and inside Israel's pre-1967 lines.
Israel's "expansion" in the oPt is described as "a settler-colonial project, predicated on the ethnic cleansing and expulsion of its indigenous people."
Proposed by a member of the campus Amnesty International group [Alex Bustos] and seconded by the Ethnic Minorities Officer [Hussam Hussein], the motion notes recent pro-BDS resolutions at NUS National Executive Council, NUS Women's Conference, NUS Postgraduate Conference and NUS Black Students Conference.
In addition, it was recalled that students have voted for boycotts of Israel on campuses across the UK, including "Kent, Goldsmiths, Birkbeck, Kingston, Swansea, Exeter, Brunel, the University of Strathclyde, Edinburgh, Dundee, Essex, Sussex and SOAS."
The case for BDS, according to the motion, is based on "Israel's multitude of human rights and international law violations" and its lack of accountability. The motion affirms Palestinian students' right to education unhindered by discrimination, and the necessity of international solidarity from students in response to the BDS campaign.
The motion asserts that "global boycotts are a non-violent, legitimate and effective tactic", that "all other methods of pressuring Israel and the ending of the occupation have failed," and that members of an academic community "have a responsibility to ensure that ethical considerations and social justice are at the heart of research and academia."
The Union Council rejected a proposed amendment which would have removed BDS from the motion. Procedural motions to delay the vote were also voted down.'
Ironic that Amnesty International has declined to single out antisemitism specifically for condemnation, yet one of its campus reps on the UEA campus has no hesitation in singling out Israel, and Israel alone, for Boycott, Divestment and Sanction. 


  1. Student unions are irrelevant . Universities will not adopt BDS .

    1. Reassuring point, Harvey. However, it's morbidly fascinating to see how, and how many, students are manipulated into these noisome votes.

  2. I would like to see Israel announce a 100% boycott or withdrawal from all academic participation with every single academic institution in the UK for a period of 2 years and for them to drag every single UK academic institution into court in order to break every single intellectual property agreement subject to re negotiation at 10x the prior cost.


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