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Friday, 20 February 2015

Interfaith Dialogue? "A Trap of Satan ... There Should Be An Ideological Conflict To Present Islam As Alternative To Their Bogus Culture "

In London, a number of people supportive of the notion of "interfaith dialogue" come together:

Not everyone is convinced of the efficacy of such dialogue, however: for example, in this recent post, blogger Edgar Davidson, for example, pours scorn on the Board of Deputies' huge expenditure on interfaith initiatives.

Sceptics and cynics, who warn that Islam is a supremacist ideology that aims to replace not only existing faiths but the existing order, can point with a "told you so!" to Copenhagen imam Hajj Saeed, who in the following speech made the day before the terror attacks in that city,  rejects the concept of "interfaith dialogue".  Its aim, he warns, is to draw Muslims away from their faith. Muslims should aim instead, he rants, to promote "Islam as an alternative to their [the western infidels'] bogus culture" which (wait for it!) reduces people to the level of beasts.
"The people responsible for interfaith dialogue want to make all religion equal. They want to equate truth and falsehood, between heresy and deception [sic], between the religion of the Prophet Mohammed and man-made laws, legislated by these criminals in order to rule the world....
The notion of interfaith dialogue is nothing new. This is a malignant idea of which we must be aware, in order to avoid falling into the traps of Satan and his followers, who advocate such dialogue....
Our Prophet Mohammad had Jewish neighbours in Al-Medina. Did he call for closer relations, harmony, and dialogue with them, in the manner of the UN and of those who call to reconciliation truth and falsehood? Or did he call upon them to worship Allah? When they violated their pledge and did not accept this call – well, you know what he did to them. It appears in his Sira. He waged war against the Jews....
Do you know what interfaith dialogue means? Simply put, it is the creation of a new religion and of new concepts that will be shared by religions considered to be monotheistic. The purpose is to draw the Muslims away from their true religion....
All people are called to convert to Islam, and anyone who refrains from doing so, after having been presented with evidence, is an infidel, without a doubt.
Allah has made laws that regulate our relations with them, if we live in their countries. The so-called interfaith dialogue is not part of these laws. Things are entirely different. There should be an ideological conflict to refute their argument of falsehood, and to present Islam as alternative to their bogus culture, which has hurled them into the abyss of depravity and corruption, and which has reduced them from humanity to the level of beasts." (Transcript here)

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