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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

A Childs Guide To Stephen Sizer: "The master of apologies"

NB: posted 20 January 2015; attracted 60 comments, none of them hostile; 11 likes; at least two shares
Since the Jewish News of 30 January caused his despicable link made ten days earlier and not removed until 28 or 29 January to the "9/11: Israel did it"  WikiSpooks article to go viral, Stephen Sizer has been the subject of numerous blogs and press reports.

The admirable Nick Gray, director of the British NGO Christian Middle East Watch opened his article on the matter with a delicious vignette of the media scrum  that resulted in Sizer's parish:
"The pleasant and rather up-market town of Virginia Water in South-West London must have wondered what was going on this week as it was invaded by live-broadcast satellite TV vans and their accompanying film crews and reporters.
As random worthy citizens of Virginia Water were interviewed it came to light that it was their vicar, Rev Dr Stephen Sizer, who had brought this invasion upon them."
Particularly relentless, and justifiably so, has been the influential British blog Harry's Place, which, quite rightly, seeks to draw the Guildford diocese's attention to this and this and this and this

There's a cynical but undeniably astute (and rather enjoyable) article on Sizer's "apology" and the church's "investigation" by American David Fischler here

But if there's one commentary more than another in the blogosphere that's worth reading on Stephen Sizer as a result of this latest outrage on his part (and indeed ought to be mandatory reading for all who would seek to understand Sizer and his cat-like nine lives), it's one dated 2 February, written by another American,  well-known Christian scholar Betsy Childs.

Her outstanding and beautifully-written article is entitled "The Master of Apologies".

It makes disturbing as well as enlightening reading.  It should and must convince the Guildford diocese that the vicar of Virginia Water is incorrigible and deserves no more benefit of the doubt.

Here's a taster:
"The Rev. Dr. Stephen Sizer, minister of the Church of England and Vicar of Christ Church Virginia Water in the Diocese of Guildford, has demonstrated a readiness to issue apologies. It might be instructive to examine a few of these apologies to see what we can learn from them.  ....
[In October 2011] TDr. Sizer posted a link on Facebook to an anti-Semitic website called The Ugly Truth. He apologized in an email to his bishop in which he said
I am embarrassed and sorry that I have caused you this concern. I will be more careful in what I allow to be posted on my Facebook. I normally take great care to avoid material that promotes racism or violence and have in the past “unfriended” people who abuse my trust.
An example of the antisemitism posted by some of Sizer's Facebook Friends
In October 2013, Dr. Sizer reached a conciliation agreement with the Board of Deputies of British Jews, following its charge of anti-Semitism related to Sizer’s use of social media and other activities. Dr. Sizer posted an apology on his website:
The internet allows us to communicate with a mass audience at the press of a button, but with it comes the risk that we might publish our thoughts without adequately reflecting on our choice of words or how they might be interpreted. I will do all I can to guard against this risk in the future. Whilst the web is a rich source of reference, it also contains a great deal of material with which one would not wish to be associated. It is important that those using new media to conduct political debate ensure that they do not inadvertently associate them [sic] with such material. It is for this reason that I have undertaken to take greater care over links in the future.
This January, Stephen Sizer posted a link to an article from a website called Wikispooks. ...When contacted by Jewish News Online, Sizer removed the link, but said that he would welcome evidence refuting the allegations. The Church of England put out a statement that Dr. Sizer’s conduct was unacceptable and promised an investigation into the matter. Only then did Dr. Sizer apologize for this his most egregious Facebook link yet, writing on his website: 
I very much regret and apologise for the distress caused by the reposting on Facebook of a link to an article about 9/11 from Wikispooks. It was particularly insensitive in that last week coincided with Holocaust Memorial Day.  [Disingenuous; it had been up on Facebook for an entire week by 27 January - D.A.] I removed the link as soon as I received adverse feedback [From whom? the Board? - D.A.], and realised that offence had been caused. I have never believed Israel or any other country was complicit in the terrorist atrocity of 9/11 [So why post that link and write that the linked article "raises so many questions"? - D.A.], and my sharing of this material was ill-considered and misguided. At the request of the Diocese, I will be suspending my use of all social media and blogs with immediate effect and until further notice.
What can be learned from all these episodes? While Stephen Sizer has shown himself ready to apologize, he has been unwilling to alter his behavior. It is past time for his church to stop allowing him to plead carelessness as his excuse. His continual posting of anti-Semitic content, as well as his disingenuous apologies, brings dishonor to the name of Jesus and the body of Christ."
 Please read it all, here:

Incidentally, for Betsy Childs on Sizer's  eyebrow-raising participation in the Teheran Conference last year in which Holocaust deniers were well-represented see here

It's important to remember that the Board's targeting Sizer's antisemitism, not his anti-Zionism
Sizer gains sympathy from a 9/11 truther on a vile antisemitic website that's mentioned in Betsy's article (q.v.)  Update: see also here

Screenshot immediately below bears url

Anthony Hall is a Canadian 9/11 truther.


  1. Rev Stephen is the victim of no one but himself -- pray for his deliverance from the anti-semitism which inhabits his heart.

    1. Sorry, HT, just found this is the spam folder. You will prpbably be interested in the link I've just posted below.
      I note that if it is a genuine screenshot of what he wrote, as it appears to be, Sizer does not appear to be reflecting remorsefully on the post of his that's led to his present plight. That's disturbing. I've also seen it suggested that he would be welcomed with open arms at certain anti-Christian Zionist establishments in the USA if he did lose his British pulpit.


  3. Hi Daphne

    thanks for your insightful blog!

    We need to monitor the activities of Stephen Sizer and his new venture:


    This man deceives people that he is for the cause of peace. His persistent slander of Jews and Israel (in place of balanced critique that every country should be subjected to) show that he has strayed from justice issues to being part of a long history of clerical anti-Semitism.

    He needs to be accountable for his actions through honest debate and discussion. The truth will always prevail.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I shall keep an eye on him. Will check out your website as soon as I can.


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