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Friday, 6 February 2015

"Take Your Hands Off Me!" Gorgeous George Tells A Lady

Declaring himself cast in the role of Daniel in the lion's den, Gorgeous George, demagogic as always, faces a barrage of criticism on the BBC's Question Time, set in a heavily Jewish area of London.

Obviously discomfited, the man who once made a fool of himself by playing the pussy cat opposite actress Ruta Lenska was hardly in the mood, this time, to accept a lady's touch.

Catholic journalist Cristina Odone, laying her hand on George's arm to interject a point about Nazism's treatment of Christians, is brusquely told (twice) to take it away.

Poor George.  He can be forgiven for being niggled, given the fact he's being trounced by the audience.

See and read further here

Porkies, George?

Certainly seems so:

(Hat tip: Shirlee of Jews Down Under; more here)


  1. They should have had better panelist, Douglas Murray would be my first choice, Caroline Glick would be the "book my ticket, I'm going to see this in person with a large tub of popcorn" choice.
    It's sickening to hear Galloway warn people not to conflate Jew and Israel, he does that everyday.
    If the Nazi's admired any religion it was Islam. They were primarily anti-Christian socialists.
    Also I think it's beyond doubt that Galloway at least wants to make people think he's converted to Islam.

    Edgar's latest
    Board of Deputies spends three times as much on pandering to radical Islam as it does on combatting anti-Semitism

    1. You are right about Murray, Ian. Also the Nazis.
      I'm pleased with the BoD reaction to the Sizer link.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, that's the excellent Betsy Childs one I linked to a couple of days ago. It sure is not to be missed.
      Thanks as usual

  3. Article sympathising with the blessed St George the Martyr (plus a few readers'comments about "The Jewish Lobby" and "rightwing" BBC bias!)


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