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Saturday, 28 February 2015

London's SOAS Votes For Academic BDS

It was predictable really, given the fact that the School of Oriental and Asian Studies at London University has the reputation as the most toxic of all British campuses for Jewish and non-Jewish supporters of Israel.

Yes, it was announced late on Friday that SOAS has voted in favour of the academic boycott of Israel.

The photo at left shows a number of the Israel-haters whooping it up earlier in the week, and as we saw earlier this month, a sophisticated video was part of the propaganda against Israel that formed part of the campaign that ended in "triumph" yesterday.

A recent SOAS stunt for "Israel Apartheid Week"
To quote an anti-Israel source:
"SOAS students and staff have endorsed an academic boycott of Israel, after the results of a week-long referendum were released Friday evening.
The vote, open to students, academics, and all other staff and management, finished with 73% for the 'Yes' campaign and 27% for the 'No' campaign.
The referendum asked members whether they think SOAS should fully join the Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) campaign, and implement academic boycott following the guidelines of the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic & Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI).
Earlier this week, PACBI and Palestinian student and academic unions expressed their support for the 'Yes' campaign, and applauded efforts of pro-boycott campaigners.
The SOAS Students' Union has supported the BDS campaign since 2005. In October 2014, the Students' Union passed a motion that called on the Union "to take the BDS campaign to the University", through a school-wide referendum.
Along with Palestinians at SOAS, the boycott campaign received support from "the Justice for Cleaners campaign, the LGBTQIA+ Society, the Kashmir Solidarity Movement, Tamil Society, and the SOAS Student Union itself."
(Hat tip for bottom photograph: Seymour Alexander)


  1. In a semi related sense, I thought it was actually pretty funny that the news is chock full of comments re Jihadi John and how he attended the University of Westminster that is "well known for fomenting violent extremists who openly call for genocide and the toppling of the British government and civil order...."

    Couldn't happen to a more fitting people. ISIS isn't coming to the UK. It came FROM the UK. Good luck and godspeed

    1. How a great country allowed itself to degenerate in so short a span of time is a question I ask myself every day.

  2. Is this the "sophisticated video"? you refer to?

    the original link didn't work. None of the people appearing in the video give their names or explain what makes them entitled to understand how to make peace in the Middle East. My question is: who funds this slick propaganda effort?

    1. Yes, link fixed. Thanks. Very good question.

  3. The London Colleges are the worst for Jewish students. They have produced suicide bombers as well as this current murderer Emwazi. Yet they carry on with denials that there is any problem with extremism on campus.

    Time for good people to go elsewhere. Let them stew in their hatred, which is utterly contrary to the values of academic enquiry.


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