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Friday, 9 January 2015

The Paris Atrocity: The View From A Berlin Bunker & Other Nasties

Greta Berlin is one of the prominent shills of the pro-Palestinian, Israel-hating movement. Here's how Ms Berlin, and some of her Facebook faithful,  have reacted to news of the massacre at the offices of Charlie Hebdo:

Tony Gratrex, another stalwart of the Israel-hating movement, connected with the Reading PSC branch, brings a nasty out of the woodwork with this post:

Seymour Alexander, a rabidly anti-Israel activist in the UK (though personally, I suspect, an engaging guy away from that obsession), letting a vivid imagination flow, and giving an anti-Israel activist in the USA, Betty Molchany, food for thought :

Mary Hughes-Thompson, a co-founder of the Free Gaza Movement, on Twitter (hat tip: StandWithUs):

One of the many pertinent ripostes:

 And the lady's revenge:

Can we expect the Online Hate Prevention Institute to get this sort of thing zapped?


  1. These are deeply disturbed people who only look like you and me. But they are as far from normal as Charles Manson. Really. They would rather be hated then ignored and the more you ignore them the more hated they want to be. The answer is to stop paying attention to them at all.

  2. And the BBC publicises an Iranian newspaper's conspiracy theory:

  3. Loonyleftwatcher9 January 2015 at 19:26

    1. They really are a strange strange bunch, aren't they? For instance, I see that they rant and rave about sexism in society and ignore Islamic misogyny completely. In this article ( they rant against a Canadian cop for suggesting women should not wear provocative clothing in order to try to prevent rape yet they ignore in that article Sheik Hilali's infamous remark about women as "uncovered meat" bringing rape upon themselves.

  4. This well-executed, professional and 'no clues left' Mossad hit is now known to be amateurish. They went first to the wrong building, they left many clues including an ID card, they have left a trail that has been easily followed and are now cornered but, sadly, with hostages. Hardly up to Mossad's widely acknowledged standards!

    Cui Bono? Anyone who hates a free society. Lovers of police states and Islamic Theocracies.

    1. Exactly, Ian.
      btw, a pleasing view of Israel here:


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