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(From Proclamation of the State of Israel, 5 Iyar 5708; 14 May 1948)

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Saturday, 24 January 2015

On A Dundee Bus, & In A Bradford Supermarket

The Scottish city of Dundee has the distinction of being Gorgeous George's birthplace and cradle, and it was under Gorgeous George's influence that, getting on for 40 years ago, its council chamber became the first in all of (post-)Christendom to fly the Palestinian flag.  And not long afterwards the city twinned with Nablus.

Innovative folk up there, it seems:

But to judge from certain of the comments, some people suspect an ulterior motive.

Anyway, remember Gorgeous George's bombastic declaration last August that the Yorkshire city of Bradford is and must be an Israel-free zone, sans Israeli goods, sans Israeli academics, sans Israeli tourists, sans Israeli everything?

Well, how pleasing to learn on the grapevine (hat tip: reader P) that Israeli peppers are doing a brisk trade in Bradford, as, it seems, elsewhere.

Yep, this is a pack of three one red, one orange, and one green at Morrison's:

And not surprisingly the usual suspects are getting all well   peppery over it.

Morrison's, they're moaning to each other, is (shock, horror) selling Israeli avocados as well!

Sainsburys, they're complaining between themselves, is stocking lots of Israeli goods, and so is bargain-price supermarket chain Lidl.

Waitrose, too, is not to be trusted.  A veteran Israel-hater from London declares:
"I am tired of turning over the boxes to find out where stuff is from, it should be clearly labelled, I am not popular in my local Waitrose .. but I will not stop"
 Notes another veteran Israel-hater, darkly:
"Our supermarkets like to con us into buying what they want to sell rather than what we want to buy. Managers know that if it is good for Israel it is good for their career prospects."
Grumbles another:
 "Those long red peppers nearly always come from Israel and I have plenty Muslim friends who buy them without a care."
(And why not, indeed?  For very nice indeed those peppers taste.  Too bad that, as a result of the Coop caving in to the BDSers some time ago, its customers can no longer enjoy them too.)


  1. Someone should tell them buses and Islam are never a good mix

    BTW Georgie boy is back
    George Galloway Calls Charlie Hebdo A 'Racist, Islamophobic, Hypocritical Rag' At Freedom Of Speech Rally

    1. I'll take a look, Ian. I actually posted the GG video a few posts back, but it was buried among a few others - the warning to any French in Gaza one.

    2. Oops I must have missed it, Charlie Hebdo certainly bought out all the idiots.

    3. My fault for burying it - but I discovered it only five minutes after posting the others.

  2. Wow. I wonder if this guy checks for Joooz under his bed at night?

    "Our supermarkets like to con us into buying what they want to sell rather than what we want to buy. Managers know that if it is good for Israel it is good for their career prospects."

    What a dark, miserable, hate-filled world his life must be...

  3. Worse than that, Jay, he is an anti-Israel Jew!

  4. Gorgeous George is a 21st century version of William Joyce aka "Lord Haw-Haw".

    1. George is easier on the ear and eye!

    2. Well the only thing Gorgeous George has on William Joyce was that William Joyce had a scar on his face due to a clash with demonstrators. "Lord Haw-Haw" wound up on the gallows and that is a fit place for "Gallow-ay". lol

  5. Why would anyone who is not a Muslim refer to the "Prophet Muhammad" instead of just plain "Muhammad"? Also it is funny how that atheistic communist alcoholic George Galloway speaks up in defense of "religion" (actually only "Islam"). I am Jewish and refer to "Jesus" not the "Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ" since I do not believe him to be the Messiah..

    1. The rumour is that GG converted. The BBC and other media use "the Prophet Mohammed" all the time, but needless to say do not refer to "Jesus Christ" or The Lawgiver Moses".
      Btw, I apologise for the late publication of your post

    2. I have no doubt that eventually Galloway (and David Ward and possibly Gerald Kaufman) will pronounce the Shahada just as I fully expected that Lauren Booth would.

      Calling Muhammad the "Prophet Muhammad" is another form of Islamic appeasement and preference.

  6. David Greenfield, New York councilman, lays bare the anti-semitism of the anti-zionists and BDSers



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