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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

This Bad Taste Rosemary Is For Remembrance (Not)

In the language of flowers rosemary (ros marinus, to give it its Latin title, meaning "dew of the sea") signifies "remembrance".

Ophelia, in Shakespeare's Hamlet,  says to Laertes:
Look at my flowers. There’s rosemary, that’s for remembering. Please remember, love. And there are pansies, they’re for thoughts.
Sprigs of the popular herb are often placed on official war memorials at commemorative ceremonies. 

However, a British Labour councillor in Nottingham named Rosemary has not exactly lived up to her name.

Despite a certain photo of the railway line leading to Auschwitz being one of the most iconic symbols of remembrance of the Shoah, this Rosemary tweeted this, in response to outrage following her mockup of a Conservative Party poster:

This is the Conservative poster:

 And this is what Rosemary did with it:

It's reported inter alia on Right Of Centre here that
'Cllr Healy, who is a prolific tweeter of anti-Conservative Propaganda, retweeted the mocked up poster early yesterday morning. The poster compares the Left’s extreme ideas of Conservative party policy to the Holocaust. The poster has replaced the long green country road going off into the horizon on the real Conservative poster with the infamous site of the railway leading into the extermination camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau.  The poster also has a new strap line of ‘More people on zero hours. More tax cuts for the rich. No more NHS.’
It is estimated that 1.1 million people, many of them Jews, were killed at Auschwitz as part of the Nazi’s ‘Final Solution’.
Garry Hickton the Conservative PPC [prospective parliamentary candidate] for Nottingham East, which contains Mapperley, exclusively told Right of Centre “This is disgusting I know Polish and Jewish people who will be extremely disgusted by this. I work for the Coop and they have ethical policies. I will ask them to remove funding from the Councillor concerned, The Coop will not want to have any association with the Labour councillor concerned.”The Conservative Group Leader on Nottingham City Council, Cllr Georgina Culley, was equally shocked by Cllr Healy’s comments. She reported to Right Of Centre “Councillor Rosemany Healy has retweeted this image and presumably believed it to be funny. It is not in any way funny, this trivialises the horrors of the holocaust and I think Councillor Healy and her party should be ashamed. The City Council should also act to distance itself from the perpetuation of these tweets, such remarks are offensive and a public representative should know better.”'
Councillor Healy has now been suspended from her party, but there are demands that she should resign her seat, or be expelled:
 'James Spencer, Chair of Nottingham Conservatives commented: “I’m absolutely astounded that an elected representative in Nottingham would share such a disturbing and sinister image.
“To say it is vile is an understatement, the Labour Party in Nottingham should deal with this action with the severity it deserves. She should not just be suspended, she should lose her seat.”'
 See here and here


  1. Holy fucking shit the political class in the UK has way too many chromosomes.

    1. Talking of chromosomes, Trudy, did you see these videos of brutality against people with the temerity to have two XX chromosomes?

  2. She surely is brainless. The caption says

    "On the ROAD to a stronger economy"

    Not "On the RAILROAD to a stronger economy" or in the UK

    ""On the ROADWAY to a stronger economy"

    1. If she doesn't know what that picture shows she sure hasn't been paying attention.

  3. She did it because she thought that she could. She thought that she could because that is how the liberal left see the Conservative party and UKIP. It is what they really believe. The odd and amazing thing is that these people also support assorted "Palestinian" freedom organisations and we all know what their attitude towards Jews is...

  4. Sadly, I think you're right, Ian.
    (Sweltering weather here, incidently. A cool change is "promised" for Friday. Hope you are not too cold where you are.)

  5. I should have written "incidentally"- blame the frizzling grey matter!

  6. And for proof that I am right, no less a blog than Archbishop Cranmer gives the lowdown here:

    1. Am on my way to the archbishop's palace >>>>>>


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