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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Shame On You, Stephen Sizer! Shame On You!

Soon they will rest in the soil of Eretz Israel, in the same cemetery as four of the victims of the Islamist monster who targeted a Jewish school in Toulouse in 2012, the four victims of the Islamist monster who deliberately made Jews his target, and blasted them to death in a kosher supermarket in Paris while other terrified hostages cowered.  They were (from right to left in the picture) a retired gentleman, a teacher, and two young men who had their entire adult lives ahead of them, one of whom, Yoav, was the son of the chief rabbi of Tunis.  The other, Yohan, was killed when he made a heroic attempt to disarm the Islamist monster.

Murdered because they were Jews
Indeed, it appears that Elsa Cayat, the only woman slaughtered at the Charlie Hebdo offices, was killed owing to her Jewishness (video interview with her cousin, who also tells how Elsa had been receiving antisemitic death threats over her association with the magazine).  No other woman at Charlie Hebdo was murdered by the killers, who reportedly had a self-declared policy of sparing women.

In addition, it's widely assumed, certainly by the school administration itself,  that the supermarket monster who killed a young policewoman and blasted a council worker in the face.had been on his way to cause mayhem and carnage at a Jewish primary school around the corner.

I've a little more to say on the topic of France in the wake of the recent atrocities, but right now I'd like to bring readers' attention to the shameful behaviour of the Anglican vicar of Virginia Water, the Reverend Stephen Sizer, who's been posting his usual propaganda against Israel with breakneck speed. 

Among all of these par-for-the-course items he has also posted items that have more than a whiff of the sewer about them, and are surely unworthy of a professed Christian, let alone a man of the cloth.  Shame on him.  And that goes double for some of his followers.

 The bodies of the Jewish victims of the  Parisian supermarket atrocity were hardly cold when Sizer,  a firm foe of "Islamophobia", shared a link to a Jerusalem Post report regarding a slimy little item from Wikileaks

And instead of lamenting the antisemitism and expressing sympathy for the genuine fear that in the wake of the Paris tragedy has forced the Jews of north London to beef up security as described here by the Daily Mail the vicar posted this mockery of the steps Jews feel they have to go to in order to try to keep their community safe from harm (Shomrim, in case some non-Jewish readers don't know, is Hebrew for watchers or guardians):

The commenters above include Jewish-born convert to Christianity Miranda Pinch, herself an anti-Israel activist, and Mike Allan, whose persistent antisemitic postings should long since have persuaded the vicar to de-friend him. Here's a current example:

Note the snotty introduction (rather than a condemnation of antisemitism) to this item offered by the vicar to his follows for their delectation:

This, incidentally, is what the above antisemite wrote:

A snide comment regarding this report, which concerns David Ward MP, who was once suspended from the LibDem Party for antisemitic comments:

The following relates to BBC reporter and newsreader Tim Willcox's crass question to a Jewish lady in Paris, which incidentally, as the linked report shows, has been condemned by, among others, historian Simon Schama (good on yah, sir!) 

Included among these comments is a taste of the despicable antisemitism that Sizer lets his followers get away with.

Mick Fletcher's post in full:

For shame, Stephen Sizer.  For shame.

Update; breaking news: Sizer's latest:

 Will someone please bring the disgraceful posts to his bishop's attention?


  1. Sizer's an abscess on the Church of England.

    1. Isn't the Queen the head of the Church of England?!... If so, why doesn't she fire this abscess?!...

    2. She's nominally the head but its the head of SS's diocese, the Bishop of Guildford, to set the ball in motion against him. There previous bishop took no action against SS following a complaint by the Board of Deputies of British Jews. I suppose nobody has told the present bishop, who took office last year, of SS's continuing despicable attitude. I hope the Board complains to the new bishop about SS.

    3. Anon, yet an abscess that remains untreated! I wonder why.

    4. There is no reason any of us can not make a representation ( Waffen, no doubt, relishes in getting "complaints" so I wouldn't give him the satisfaction)

      No real point hanging back and waiting for BDBJ to do the work any more than we are obliged to step aside and leave the dirty work to ECAJ to deal with the local versions.

      I quite like making "representations" and certainly do not feel myself constrained by mores of politeness, tact and diplomacy that BDBJ or ECAJ no doubt do when talking to the Church of England.

    5. I think the Board is ultra-cautious on this issue, having been bitten once before.

  2. David Ward's a grub.

    1. Indeed, Jared.
      Meanwhile, much unease among British Jews as antisemitism in the UK rises:

  3. Incredible that his list of friends on fb appears from what I can read on your post Daphne to include some stinkers.

    1. Nathan, you ain't seen nothing yet! take a look at the latest outrages:


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