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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Still Intact: The CUFP that runneth over with poison

The arch-antisemitic Facebook group Christians United for Peace (CUFP), proving how geographically and historically challenged they are:

CUFP proving how fiercely, obscenely, viscerally anti-Jewishly racist they are:

I've provided plenty of other examples in the past (see here, for instance) of the CUFP that runneth over with antisemitic poison.

Now, some people might argue that it is better that these antisemites are permitted to continue unimpeded, in order that we know what exactly passes through their minds.

Other people will, if course, argue that such filthy lies as contained in the examples I've given here and elsewhere are akin to Nazi propaganda and, being likely to infect with the virus of Jew-hatred large numbers who come in contact with them, should be removed.

In any case, people can be forgiven  for wondering why the CUPF's still intact on Facebook when so many "hate sites" have been taken down.

Inter alia by Australian cartoonist Larry Pickering (who has narrowly escaped a total ban from Facebook himself) in "The Pickering Post" today (hat tip: A Concerned Reader):
'.... Hundreds of Google sites and Facebook pages have been shut down by a well-organised group purporting to be against “hate speech” and citing anti-Jewish speech as their main aim. Funny, but it seems only sites containing the words “Islamic”, “Muslim” and “Jihadist” are being removed while facebook sites that pay for “likes” are allowed to remain.
 This Islamic group, which is reported to involve Getup finance, has devised a program that floods Google and facebook with hundreds of co-ordinated complaints about the one article. Google and facebook bots (robots) automatically react to delete the post and either suspend or cancel the site....
"It seems those of us who are against the Islamisation of Australia have a fight on our hands." ....'
Read the whole article here


  1. Another one of those "lone wolf" attacks not related to any religion
    Charlie Hebdo attacked:
    12 killed in attack on offices of French newspaper

    Speaking of, AI makes Peter Benenson faster in his grave
    How Amnesty International was ‘conned’ by Lindt cafe killer Man Haron Monis

    1. Just been looking at ABC News 24, Ian, which had input from the BBC - the BBC reported that one of the pack of lone wolves shouted "We have avenged the prophet!" I assume this does not mean the prophet Jeremiah.

    2. Maybe they were anti-Capitalist and it was "We have avenged the profit"

      Tim Blair rifted on that in his: 2015 Foretold
      September: Sydney University is shut down when bloody violence erupts during a lecture on ancient English literature. “At this stage we are treating it as a lone Beowulf attack,” says a police spokesman.

    3. You are an amazing resource!

    4. The ABC breakfast show is describing the gunmen as "French Nationalists" !!! Terrorism expert Prof Joe Siracusa pulled them up on that extraordinary phrase.


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