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Wednesday 16 October 2013

So, Will The BDSers Boycott Facebook?

Bad news for the BDSers.  It's just been announced that Facebook has
"acquired Onavo, a three-year-old start-up that makes data compression software and offers a variety of analytic services for smartphone applications.The purchase of Onavo, which has about 40 employees, gives Facebook, the world’s biggest social networking company, its first office in Israel. 
Most of Facebook’s employees work at its headquarters in Menlo Park, California, and historically, the company has sought to pull workers at acquired companies into the mother ship. But Onavo cut a deal to keep most of its employees in Tel Aviv as part of the sale, which was for about $120 million, according to a person familiar with the terms.
The big draw for Facebook is Onavo’s pioneering data compression technology, which helps smartphones cut data consumption as much as 80 percent. Such compression is vital to the goals of, an organization started by Facebook’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, in August that is trying to offer mobile Internet access free or at very low cost to the about four billion people globally who do not have it....
 Guy Rosen, co-founder and chief executive of Onavo, said that his company would largely function as a stand-alone entity, much like two previous Facebook acquisitions, Instagram and Parse. (Snaptu, another Israeli start-up with innovative data compression technology, was absorbed into Facebook after it was purchased in 2011, and its technology forms the basis of the company’s Facebook for Every Phone software for more basic phones.) ..."  Read more here
So, will the BDSers boycott Facebook? After all, to be true to themselves they really should.

No, of course they won't.  Hypocrisy is integral to the BDS movement, whose members couldn't do without so many Israel-originating technological (and medical) innovations we all take for granted.

Besides, they're having too much fun on Facebook spreading their poison against Jews (sorry, Zionists) and Israel and, yes, promoting the Boycott obscenity any way they can.


  1. The scum called Mondoweiss just got their FB page

  2. Comedy Gold
    Stiff-Necked Oxford Student Triumphantly Upstages Galloway (VIDEO)
    George Galloway Accused of Being a Racist by Israeli Student Oxford Union

    1. Just looking at it now, Ian!

    2. Saw it yesterday. I don't see he upstaged Galloway considering what s on the video after he left and the cheer Galloway received.


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