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Friday 25 October 2013

Anti-Israel Fanatics Target Another Tel Aviv-Bound Performer

 Sir Tom Jones arrives in Israel earlier today.

(Update: With a warm smile and a wave Tom Jones has arrived in Israel.)

 'Singer songwriter Patrik Fitzgerald is scheduled to perform in apartheid Israel to a segregated audience in Tel Aviv on 21st November 2013. We are asking him not to turn his back on the oppressed, but to respect the Palestinian call to boycott apartheid Israel and cancel his performance in Tev Aviv.
We will be picketing his performance in London on 26th October, and speaking to his fans whom we are sure will want him to stand on the side of justice and against apartheid. He will be performing with Bob Geldof (Boomtown Rats) who himself is a shameful apologist for the JNF ethnic cleansing of Palestinian land.
Its imperative that we are there by 6:30pm so we have a chance to talk to his fans as they queue to enter at 7:00pm.'
See also here

Let's  hope that Mr Fitzgerald will be as contemptuous of their despicable bullying as Sir Tom Jones, Sir Paul McCartney, and other artists.

As for the apartheid slur, it was again disproved just yesterday with the announcement that IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz has approved the appointment of Colonel Ghassan Alian (its deputy commander) as the next commander of the Golani Brigade commander.

Colonel Alian will be the first Druze officer to lead the brigade.

As some one immediately remarked on Facebook:
'"Apartheid" Israel [is] to appoint a Druze Arab as commander of the fearsome/combat-tested Golani, all while the Jordanian army, has not a single Palestinian general despite Palestinians being 88 percent of the population...'
 Good point, eh?


  1. They should try and protest Simon Cowell
    Simon Cowell Sings 'Go Go Power Rangers' ... For $1 MILLION
    Here's what happened: Simon was attending a fundraiser for Friends of the Israel Defense Forces in Beverly Hills last night, and billionaire "Power Rangers" creator Haim Saban offered to donate $1 million if Simon sang the show's theme song.
    YT Video

  2. The Bedouin Jordanians never admit what the Palestinian majority is. When I put it to a Jordanian who proposed a Palestine State-Jordan federation that that would guarantee an undeniable Palestinian majority he couldn't avoid the question fast enough.

  3. Video of the demo on Sat evening in London re Patrik Fitzgerald

    Another demo planned for Bristol tomorrow, I believe.

  4. What is this "segregated audience" BS? You buy a ticket, you take your seat. Nothing segregated about it.

  5. I'm still waiting for head BDSr Barghouti to explain how he comes to Israel as and adult, and is taking his education (Master's Degree) at Tel Aviv University. Something like biting the hand that feeds you...


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