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Sunday 27 October 2013

JNF Shaliach Among The Jews Bashed At Bondi

The group of Jews (four men, the oldest of whom is a 66-year-old who suffered a minor fracture of the skull, plus a 62-year-old female teacher at the Kesser Torah College) who were subjected to antisemitic insults, viciously attacked, and injured (one had a broken nose and an injury to his eye) near Sydney's famous Bondi Beach on Friday night, include Shlomo Ben Haim, education shaliach for the New South Wales Jewish National Fund, J-Wire reports:
'JNF Executive Director Ygal Shapir told J-Wire: "We expect our emissaries to have to be especially cautious in certain European countries but who would have believed something like this could happen in Australia."
The Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council’s Jeremy Jones added: "I have been maintaining records of anti-Semitic attacks in Australia for over 25 years but we have never come across an attack of this nature by so many on so many in all that time."
President of the The Executive Council of Australian Jewry Peter Wertheim added: "Although the police investigations are still proceeding, the vicious attack on a Jewish family in Bondi early on Saturday morning appears to have been the most serious incident of spontaneous antisemitic violence in Australia in living memory....
We ... want to thank the police for responding as swiftly and effectively as they did.  We especially thank the six employees from the Beach Road Hotel and a passing taxi driver who intervened to end the violence and apprehend some of the alleged assailants.  Thanks to their efforts we expect all members of the gang involved in the incident to be rounded up by the police and charged and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  The brave and selfless actions of these bystanders is a much more accurate reflection of the attitude of Australians to their Jewish fellow citizens, than the hate-filled violence of the group who allegedly attacked the family...."
Read more here
Illustrated report, with the misleading term "brawl"!,  in the (not-very-friendly-to-Israel) Sydney Morning Herald here

Despite the fact that the three suspects who've been caught have not yet been named, some people are taking it for granted that they are Muslims.

This video from a national news channel has been uploaded to YouTube to reflect that assumption, and at least one blog has accordingly echoed the claim that "three Muslims" have been arrested for the attack.   Not very fair, is it?


  1. It really is a disgrace. Why on earth would anyone want to be unfair to our muslim friends? Interfaith and multicultural training assures us Islam is misunderstood.

    Our street wise instincts tell us otherwise. Look at the MO it's not hard to figure it out.

  2. Ah, but assuming without evidence (and so far there's no reported evidence) that Muslims, as opposed, for instance, to nasty drink-fuelled thugs, are responsible is sheer prejudice. We shall see.

  3. Daphne your "Read more here" link is broken

    It would be interesting to know the name of the 23 year old that was charged, I don't think that's sub judice.

    Interesting to see that 2 of the cowards, the youngest, were already on bail for prior offenses.

    Turnbull is on the case
    Mr Turnbull, the federal Communications Minister, called for zero tolerance of racism.
    ''Violence of this kind and, in particular, racist violence, anti-Semitic violence, is completely unacceptable in our society,'' Mr Turnbull told the Nine Network. ''We should have zero tolerance.''

    1. Ian there are legal implications for not naming suspects.

      As for the two '**17 year old children** we will never know those names

      I think it is high time we re-classify the age of a "child" in this day and age. It's exactly the same as people calling Arab stone throwing 'children' children' Far from it.

    2. Since the 23 year old has been charged there shouldn't be any restriction on releasing his name. It will be publicly listed when he appears on the 3rd of Dec.

      Jpost claim it's "southern European".

      JPost Editorial: Anti-Semitism in Australia
      "the assailants – two 16-yearolds and a 23-year-old – were Muslims, an Australian source said that only the adult’s name was released, and it sounded “southern European.”"

    3. The names of the so-called children will not be released.
      The 23 year old's name will not be released before his arraignment

    4. Now they're apparently Pacific Islanders?
      Jews bashed allegedly by Pacific Islanders

  4. @ Anonymous - Islam is not misunderstood. Your interfaith training and your multicultural training assures you incorrectly.

    However, as I have been blogging everywhere today and I might add being abused for it too, you cannot presume without all the facts what people are guilty or not guilty of.

  5. An update from ToI
    No one intervened to help us, Sydney victim says
    Shlomo Ben Haim, an emissary for the Jewish National Fund who was among the victims of Friday night’s attack, said Sunday that the attackers screamed “bloody Jews” and were able to continue their assault for several minutes, even though it took place in a well-lit area with foot traffic and open restaurants.
    The attack occurred when his party of five Jews, walking back from a Shabbat dinner, encountered “about 10″ youths, who, when seeing them in Shabbat clothes and yarmulkes, began to shout derogatory comments and then attacked, Ben Haim told Ynet News on Sunday from his hospital bed in Sydney.

    1. This is pure lies and I have written to the TOI to tell them so

      6 people helped them. The only coward was an Israeli guy directly opposite the pub, who closed his shop doors to block the noise.

      Check my site out. I have a number of items on the issue. This from AIJAC is very comprehensive

    2. The quote from Shlomo Ben Haim appears to contradict the short CCTV clip but I bet it felt like a long time before the bouncers intervened. I'm sure the full story will come out in the trial and I hope the police quickly roundup the rest of the thugs.

      Jews Down Under is on my blog reading list.
      I've put a few in my daily links for EoZ

    3. Thanks BTW Ian.

      This dreadful incident has sent my statistics through the roof, which is good, but certainly not the way I would have liked it to be.

  6. The evidence won't be reported, the truth is suppressed for fear of being labelled hate speech. Who knows what we might do if we found out what was really going on ....

  7. The Guardian Australia didn't cover this till Monday
    Note that of the 37 comments, 15 have been removed, that says a lot about the Guardian readership.

    Peter Wertheim: Antisemitism: an evil Australia can no longer ignore

  8. According to this they were Pacific Islanders

  9. Shirlee, I'm sorry that owing to computer woes I couldn't post these links you gave me earlier:


  11. Interesting article here:


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