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Friday 18 October 2013

Comedy Half Hour: BDSers confounded in Oxford Street (video)

A young man of unmistakable Middle Eastern appearance approaches a gaggle of bourgeois-looking BDSers on Oxford Street who are protesting SodaStream outside the John Lewis department store.

One of the protesters hands him a leaflet.  After all, the young man's sure to be receptive to material demonising the Zionist Entity, right?

Wrong! The young man in question, from Iraq and of mixed Iraqi and Iranian parentage, is in fact a staunch and well-informed supporter of Israel, and superbly capable of challenging the BDSers' nonsense (in which that infamous set of Four Maps plays its mute mendacious part).

The ensuing scene is one of chaos and confusion, as an eclectic cast of characters joins the young Iraqi man in a counter-demo, throwing the BDSers into confusion, and making a bespectacled woman in a "Free Palestine" t-shirt scurry off to complain to a trio of cops.  She never does seem to recover her calm ...

Catcalls from the counter-protesters are answered by anti-Israel chants from the BDSers, whose plans for the day have clearly gone awry.  Adding to the cacophony are cries (not all of them politically correct) from an American-accented guy wearing a tallit and what looks like a Zahal beret. At one point, he's politely led away by a Mr Plod for what's presumably a pep talk.

The young Iraqi man recalls on his download message onYouTube:
"We were walking along oxford street, central London, BDS supporters were horrified by our stance and ran to the police as if we were terrorists (Which were her allegations), there after another pro Israeli, made his presence felt by giving facts about the muslim world, I then came across a Kuwaiti at 24:10, and when asked about the rape of kuwaiti women by palestinians, when saddam invaded, after the palestinians had sided with saddam, he nodded! At 26:15, I then came across an Egyptian who not only claims that Israelis are the culprits but also claimed that christian copts are persecuting muslims in Egypt!"
Amid the comedic scenes, some serious snippets, then.  They include the young Iraqi man's message to the Egyptian: "This is a genocidal campaign against the only sane nation in the Middle East".

Adding to the comedic feel of the video are certain captions (purporting to be the thoughts of the BDsers), not all of them in good taste.


  1. OMG Daphne.

    I know the young woman in that video. You surely must remember Roberta fro the Jewish division of the EDL. She went on to form the English division of the JDL

  2. Indeed, Shirlee. But isn't the young Iraqi man wonderful?! I wish he wouldn't smoke though - a foolhardy habit to adopt.

    1. Nice guy and good to have someone like him on side, but I really couldn't make out what he was saying most of the time.

  3. Wow, love that guy! Thanks for posting.

  4. More from Brighton . Taking the fight to the BDS . Several of us travelled to Brighton to join the Sussex Friends of Israel in order to attend a Palestine Awareness week meeting hosted by one Tom Hickey , lecturer and hard core Marxist . Hickey was spitting hard tacks that a new Academic Chair had been created , Israel studies . He referred to Zionist benefactors and the fact that the Chancellor of Sussex had not been transparent about the process - meaning he had not consulted with Hickey and the PSC - as if ! . To Hickey all this was nothing but an exercise in ' Hasbara missing the irony in that everything the PSC says and does is nothing but a Palestinian equivalent .
    Here is Richard Milletts excellent account of this Sussex uni horror show .


    1. Thanks, Harvey. I did see Richard's latest - he's awesome. Hickey has been bad news for a long time, of course.

  5. Sodastream needs to set up a free stall next to the protest handing out free drinks.

  6. Don't worry about Sodastream, they are doing very nicely thanks to this free advertising, the same with Max Brenner in Australia.

    Global sales at SodaStream have risen more than three-fold since 2009. The group had sales of over $436 million last year, with net profit up 18 percent to $44 million.

  7. Posting a video like this is all very well, but almost worse than useless:
    I can't make out what people are saying, due to lack of sound and mumbling.

    Saying Look how stupid BDSers are is fine - they're disgusting - but a video needs actual value. There should be subtitles, otherwise a snippet would do to give an impression of what happened.

    If you're going to post a video with lots of mumbling, subtitles, subtitiles subtitles!

    1. Jill

      You don't have to watch it !!

    2. Yes, the sound is poor but it has other merits. Ahmed did try to subtitle after a fashion, but so much was obviously going on all around him.

  8. After watching this I decided it was time to get a SodaStream.

    So I punched the postcode into to their store locator to see if there where any stores around here that stocked it.

    Harvey Norman
    The Good Guys
    Big W
    Tweed City

    And that's before you get to the QLD border

    No BDS around here.

  9. I thought the police were really tolerant and fair to both sides.
    If a Christian had turned up & started preaching from the Bible his feet wouldn't have touched the pavement on the way to the police car...


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