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Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Moral Bankruptcy Of The BBC's Idea Of Moral Equivalence

From Israel Matsav's blog (from which I've lifted this oh-so-apt logo):

"Here is the BBC's Tweet.

.@Twitter bans "threats of violence", but will it stop tweets by Hamas's @AlqassamBrigade & Israel's @IDFSpokesperson?
Note that BBC wants Twitter to stop the Tweets of both Hamas and the IDF as if they both share exactly the same guilt"

Read Israel Matsav's entire post here (hat tip: the utterly compelling and indispensable new site BBCWatch)

BBCWatch (which, among all the other great work it does in exposing the Corporation's bias such as this, and this (it's outrageous, do look!) has recently pointed to dodgy tweets by Gaza correspondent Jon Donnison and also by his sidekick Wyre Davies) has these tips on protesting to the Corporation regarding instances of its bias.  Go for it!

And if you haven't yet signed the petition to release the Balen Report, please do so.

(Since, apart from its World Service, it runs the world's most watched news website, you don't have to be British to demand that this arrogant globally influential broadcaster shows transparency, and the impartiality its Charter, and its moral obligation, demands!)

Update: Another Donnison slur:

Be sure to read more on that trope (re the BBC's Middle East Bureau chief Paul Danahar) here


  1. At a time when the BBC ( British broadcast cowards )is under intense scrutiny following revelations about its shoddy journalism and serious errors of judgment, it is disconcerting to discover that the broadcaster has once again breached its own guidelines concerning impartiality and honesty.

    Within twenty-four hours of the start of Operation Pillar of Defense, the BBC had been caught out by media watchdog Honest Reporting for broadcasting footage that shows an apparently injured Palestinian man being carried away by his neighbors. Thirty seconds later, the footage shows the same man walking around in a state of complete health.

    A miraculous recovery or yet another example of a Western news company broadcasting Palestinian propaganda?

    The footage broadcast by the BBC on the evening of November 14 is, of course, in the grand tradition of Pallywood in which Palestinians on stretchers suddenly come back to life and children in the so-called West Bank leap in front of moving cars for the cameras. Such deception is promoted in the Quran and Islamic literature. Taqiyya (saying something that isn’t true) and kitman (lying by omission) are acceptable methods of deceiving non-Muslims.

    The Palestinians are well aware that news consumers in the West are lost in a nebulous realm of doctored photos and contrived news stories. Far from being concrete or objective, “reality” is mediated by television, newspapers, films and especially the internet.

    1. Yes, Jean, good points. That footage, which has gone viral, has many people whispering that the BBC knew it was staged. Also on the footage was an injured or dying/dead man carried on the shoulders of another man, only to slip off the shoulders and onto his feet when the camera was assumed to be out of range.

  2. btw, early in the Egyptian rebellion against Mubarak, the BBC showed a young man making a big painted signs demanding Mubarak's removal from power, to hold at a demo. When he spoke, his English was well-nigh non-existent, yet the sign was in impeccable English with good lettering. The suspicion did enter my head that he'd had help with that sign ...

  3. The BBC is our day's Lord Haw Haw. As such its management should be arrested as enemy agents and put on trial for treason. We haven't executed anyone for treason in 60 years so it's unlikely we'd do that now. Pity.

  4. The truth about Journalists in Gaza:
    MFA: Hamas detains foreign journalists in the Gaza Strip

    Harriet Sherwood, who’s reporting from inside Gaza, on the possibility Hamas is going to use foreign journalists like her as human shields.

    Bolt took a shot at Carr over Israel

    A good performance against ABC bias
    AIJAC's Dr Colin Rubenstein on the latest Israel-Gaza conflict

    EOZ has discovered some outrageous Pallywood.
    Dead child cradled by Egypt's PM was killed by Hamas!

    1. Thanks for all these intriguing links, Ian.

      The BBC is now pushing the theme of Israel's "disproportionate" response and "assymetrical warfare"

  5. The BBC has been interviewing Gideon Levy in its news bulletins - this is no doubt their alibi, enabling them to say they gave an Israeli viewpoint ...

  6. Odious BBC:

  7. Horror follows horror at the vile BBC:


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