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Thursday 15 November 2012

The BBC's Jeremy Bowen Wrongly Claims That Rocket Attacks From Gaza Have Diminished

Regarding Operation Pillar of Cloud that has successfully targeted for killing the head of Hamas's military wing Ahmed Jabari, the BBC's "Middle East editor" Jeremy Bowen has today claimed on the Corporation's Radio 4 that the number of rocket attacks on Israel out of Gaza has been dwindling.

Not so.

The following graph shows the true picture.  It will be seen that the number of such attacks, which did indeed  diminish in the immediate wake of Operation Cast Lead, are now approaching the levels that pertained on the eve of that action.


  1. Nasty -

  2. Emergency Rally For Israel in London tomorrow:

  3. Jonathan Sacerdoti interviewed on the BBC:

  4. Statement from Israeli Embassy, London:

    Since the beginning of the year, over 700 missiles were fired into Israel. More than 125 missiles and mortars have fallen on Israel since Saturday afternoon.

    The duty of any government is to ensure the security of its population.

    In a combined operation, Shin Bet and the IDF have targeted Ahmed Jabri, the head of Hamas’ military wing in the Gaza Strip. Jabri was a senior Hamas operative who served in the upper echelons of the Hamas’ command and was directly responsible for financing and executing terror attacks against the State of Israel. This operation sends a clear message to Hamas and other terrorist organisations in the region that, should the violence against Israeli citizens continue, Israel will be forced to strike.

    Over the past few years, Jabri commanded Hamas’ military wing, and is responsible for the chain of events that saw Hamas’ takeover in Gaza and is complicit with all major violent escalations against Israel. In 2006, Jabari masterminded the attack that led to the murder of Israeli soldiers and the brutal capture of Gilad Shalit. As head of Hamas’ negotiations team, Jabri personally prevented the release of Gilad Shalit for over five years. Jabri, 52, lived in Gaza and was heavily involved in countless military actions since the beginning of the 1980′s and has served as the senior official within Hamas’ military wing. He had close connections with Sheikh Yassin, who had personally endorsed Jabri’s acts of terror.

    From 1982 until January 1995 he was arrested and imprisoned in Israel for his terrorist activities. During this time he joined Hamas, serving as the representative for all Hamas and Islamic Jihad members in his prison. His long duration in prison, and close proximity with other radical leaders, in combination with his own extreme ideology, has allowed him to assume a very prominent position within the Hamas leadership. In 1995, after his release, in his capacity as director of the “Noor Association”, he orchestrated a widespread monetary transfer scheme, supported by Sheikh Yassin, to fund released terrorist prisoners, their families and the family members of suicide bombers.

    Since his release, he has been involved in multiple terrorist activities in his capacity as a military commander, coordinating a network of terrorist cells in their weapons smuggling operations, and delivering the strategic operations through the Hamas hierarchy. The worst terrorist atrocities that Israel has experienced in recent times have been a direct result of his involvement.

  5. I wouldn't go that far,but he really should keep up!

  6. Jeremy Bowen is both a liar and a deceiver.

    ha has twisted the truth to make it a lie. Nice to know that some people never learn from history. his idiotic view of history shows that in addition to not knowing the truth, he has proven himself to be a fool.

    Want to sue me MR Jeremy Bowen? Go ahead. I own nothing and that is what your illegitimate besmirching remarks are worth: NOTHING.

    1. Bowen isn't a deliberate liar. He is not always on top of his material, that's the crux of the matter, along with the effect that the death of his Palestinian driver seems to have had in confirming him in a bias against Israel.

  7. Bowen just isn't very bright.

    Not very bright plus a biased hater leads to a lousy reporter.


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