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Sunday 11 November 2012

Batsheva In Brighton: BDS mob outshouted by counter-protesters

Here's a BDSer's brief mobile phone  footage of yesterday's outdoor demo against Israeli dance troupe Batsheva, performing at the Brighton Dome Concert Hall.

Well-known Zionist activist Jonathan Hoffman notes here :
"There were only 4 interruptions of Batsheva's brilliant performance last night and all the cultural hooligans were loudly booed and yanked out onto the street commendably quickly by the security staff...."
That, of course, is four interruptions too many, and it's highly regrettable that a planned Saturday night performance at the same venue was cancelled owing to fears regarding security, thus depriving many Orthodox Jews unable to attend last night's performance from seeing it after Shabbat. 

But although counter-demonstrations are frowned upon and discouraged by many, it's not without satisfaction to read (via J.H.) in Brighton's local newspaper, the Argus, that
"A large group of pro-Israel supporters gatecrashed a planned protest outside the Brighton Dome last night. Pro-Palestinian campaigners had arranged to picket the performance of controversial dance group the Batsheva ensemble. But unknown to them, their opposite numbers had arranged a counter-demo, outnumbering the original protest. Ann Hallam from the Brighton Palestine Solidarity group said "We are boycotting the group's performance because they are part of Brand Israel. They are a state-funded group which is sent around the world to portray Israel as a cultured and vibrant place while ignoring the atrocities and persecution of the Palestinians."
And 60-70 pro-Israel supporters outshouted the 40-50 strong opposed as a line of police officers watched."
(On another note entirely: within the past hour I've received an e-mail from a friend which runs in part: "We've just returned from a conference on Reconciliation at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. It was boycotted by the Palestinians!"  More irony.)


  1. 1. I am completely on the side of the counter-protesters. It's about time to give those bdSSers the boot where it hurts.

    2. I wonder if these born-again nazies "commemorated" or "celebrated" the anniversary of Kristallnacht.

  2. Rita, how about you come to Parramatta at 6pm on the 15th, to opposed the morons at Max Brenner?

  3. The yobs who demonstrated inside the venue should be arrested. The police failed yet again to see these demonstrations as public order offences. Why does their right to free speech override our right to enjoy an evenings peaceful entertainment without being mugged by a gang of fascists?


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