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Tuesday 13 November 2012

"Old Zionist Biddy Tries To Cover Her Face ..." (video)

Whoever would have thought it?  The oh-so-progressive leftists who (see my post here) behaved so intimidatingly in Bradford last week when Batsheva came to town, showing a little ageist misogyny in labelling a woman of mature years an "old biddy".  Old, maybe.  Or old-ish.  But "biddy"? Surely that's a term that, like derogatory slang for members of ethnic minorities, should be consigned to the lexicographer's dustbin.
Ah, but what can one expect from these fanatics who use the proud term Zionist as one of derision?
This particular "old biddy" was outside (and hopefully inside) Bradford's Alhambra Theatre during Batsheva's performance there.  Bravely, she took a souvenir or two of the baying mob with her mobile phone, as they loudly chanted abuse at her and at people leaving the theatre.
And she did not try to cover her face.

(btw, I wonder how that police investigation into slashed tyres of cars parked near the theatre that evening is going.)


  1. when you watch it on u-tube, there is a possibility to "report it as inappropriate". I did, and gave as reason that it contravened the rules in "inciting hatred against the Jewish people", indulging in "ageisme" by calling that mature lady "an old biddy", and posting lies in saying that "the zionist old biddy was HIDING her face" when she clearly was not.

    I dont know if anyone will take notice, but if more people do this, perhaps it will make a difference. (I do it with all those kind of U-tube videos).

  2. Rita don't waste your time. They take no notice and certainly not of this. It's nothing compared to those that have tried to be removed officially

    I am laughing at this gem received today from one of the pro-pally groups

    "hey folks. i noticed the other day that 'crayola washable finger paint'
    from toys'r'us (among other places i'm sure) is 'made in israel'.
    don't have any more info than what was on the box - is there a way in
    which to find out?
    might make a good christmas target."

  3. Picking on old women in the street...where have I seen that before? Oh yes, in Germany in the 30's and in Alabama in the 60's. So the next time the BDStards show up hand them Nazi and Confederate flags. They earned them.

  4. Birmingham Police arrest antisemitic protester


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