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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

"Death To The Jews!" Sounds No Prettier In French: Jihad on the Champs Elysées (video)

Hat tip: my gallic reader Jean, who writes:
'On September 15th, 2012, 200 extremist Muslims demonstrated violently in the 8th district of Paris and on the Champs-Elysées. They tried to attack the US embassy , offended France, roared " Allah u akbar! "And" Death  to the Jews”! five times! in Arabic  at 2.35 mn and finally prayed illegally on the most beautiful avenue of the world.'

Explains the uploader:
'Dans la vidéo, les musulmans crient "Souvenez-vous de Khaybar, Juifs !" (bataille après laquelle Mahomet et ses sbires ont assassiné tous les Juifs de la ville de Khaybar), ce qui signifie "Mort aux Juifs !", comme les musulmans et arabisants le savent.'
 Meanwhile, across the Channel:

That's the event the BBC failed to show the great British public.


  1. hi,
    what language is that? what are they saying?

    1. They're French Muslims demonstrating against that infamous video, but they're taking it as an excuse to rant and rave against the Jews even though Jews and Israel weren't implicated, crying antisemitic cries in Arabic.

  2. Attack on kosher supermarket in Paris:,7340,L-4283694,00.html

  3. I think it's adorable that psychotic child raping genocidal half human retards have their own flag. And guess what, it's black like the anti WTO and antiglobalist protesters around the world. Go figure.

    1. Well, extremists they certainly are, but I wouldn't go that far!

  4. I've just received this link from a friend:

    I haven't the stomach to open it, however.

    1. I hope the cat was dead already.

      Accused "spies" aren't so lucky.

      Respect for Islam is always a oneway street.
      "And when Muslims deface the Star of David, the symbol of the name of King David, a man they claim to consider a prophet, that’s just more respect for religion. With so much Muslim respect for religion out there, it’s hard to know if we can take any more."

      EOZ picked up this pic from Gaza, showing people who have no concept of irony.

    2. Thanks as always, Ian.

      I cannot bring myself to read about the cat...

  5. That picture is worth a few thousand (funny) words! It should be distributed widely! hehehe

  6. As to Paris: these thugs actually are breaking 4 French laws in the 5 minutes of this video:

    1. All protest marches are illegal (verboten) in France at the moment they "marched" in light of the Charlie Hebdo carricatures, which made the French authorities close many French embassies around the world in fear of muslim violence.

    2. The integral veil (hiding the face) is illegal in France since a year or so ago.

    3. The "muslim prayers in the street" which had become absolutely rampant, have been illegal for a year, yet those thugs "perform" these soi-disant "prayers" in front of a passive (disempowered) police line.

    4. And lastly (but certainly not leastly): the call to (threat of) murder/massacre of the Jewish people is actually also ILLEGAL in France.

    With a very pro-islamist, and anti-white racist Minister of Justice (Christine Taubira) there is no chance that any charges will be laid against her beloved arab/muslims.

    If you wonder what that screeching muslima in the blue veil is all about: she wants to provoke the police, screeching "why the violence blablabla" obviously trying to impute violence to the police. The usual modus operandi of this kind of people: the perpetrators claiming victimhood.


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