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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Manchild (With Message) In The Lucky Country: Islamist Rioting Reaches Sydney (with videos)

Photo: @jttozer, Twitter
Here it is, at left, in Sydney's Hyde Park, a message put into the hands of a toddler at a rally protesting that crude stupid ill-advised video which cost Ambassador Stevens and three other blameless Americans in Libya their lives.
(Hat tip: reader Shirlee citing Joel Tozer on Twitter)

Unlike Sky News, consistently so much better than the British "national broadcaster" in just about every way, Al Beeb (briefly reporting that in Sydney there have been "clashes between police and demonstrators" as if it was all tit-for-tat) appeared reluctant to describe or show the threatening supremacist and violent slogans voiced and carried by a big mob of very angry men – many with Hamas and Islamist flags – marching to the US Consulate, or the fact that trouble-makers hurled sticks, stones and bottles at police, causing several police casualties and necessitating the use of pepper spray and dogs.

There are more photos and reports of the events in Sydney  here, here and here

This Sydney Muslim condemns the mayhem:

(For a view of what really prompted the Middle East embassy attack see here)


  1. So Two imams walk into a bar.....

    And blow it up for insulting the Prophet.

    1. Footage would seem to indicate that ss in Europe one or two of of the troublemakers in police hands were not Muslims - hard leftists taking any opportunity for mischief, I suppose.

  2. While Sky News did indeed report the Aussie demo properly they are actually doing a pretty good impersonation of the BBC on most of their other Middle East reporting. In particular they have been the worst perpetuators of the antiSemitic blood libel about the Muhamed film. Davs after the story was debunked they were STILL referring the film has being 'financed by 100 wealthy Jews'. See

  3. An ABC reporter just happened to get caught up with it yesterday. When they said her name, the first thing I said was that she was an Arab.

    She did say later that she is very much a non-practicing Muslim and abhors and condemns the actions..BUT.. they are "disenfranchised" youth!!

    1. As with lefty excuses for the London rioters last year, they're depraved because their deprived.

    2. er - I meant "they're deprived".

  4. Regarding this obviously muslim 'mother' - she seems to be in charge of at least 3 children, visible on another photo which I have seen! "Give me a child to the age of 7 and I give you the man". I shudder at the thought of "what" man this little boy will become, because she obviously even films him, proudly, no doubt to embellish the famiy photo-album with later childhood memories.

    Where is the outcry from the usually so stridently judgemental "feminists" - it seems okay with them when the child abuse is perpetrated by muslims. (Just yesterday we were informed, thanks to one case that went to the Police) that genital mutilation of little girls of 6 and 7 is wide-spread in N.S.W. While some so-called "right wing shock jocks" took up the story, it was pretty fast drowned by yet another Greens-initated "enquiry" into the handling of paedophilia accusations against priests.

    As to the Sydney Muslim condemning the "Mayhem" - that is indeed what he condemned, however he is certainly very much in favour of the motivation and he could not even resist a kick towards the Jews in this Taquia-like video above

    Here he is, doing what his kind does:

    1. According to the Sydney "Daily Telegraph" there were several children aged from 5 to 12 displaying obnoxious messages.
      It is nothing new for London and Europe, unfortunately.

  5. Edgar
    Same problem with James O Brian on the LBC phone in . He repeatedly referred to the producer being an Israeli Jew . In order to reinforce the stereotype , he mentioned the standard trope of a ' shadowy group of cigar chomping individuals ( early Hollywod Jewish moguls smoking cigars ) and congratulating themselves on achieving the desired outcome .
    I eventually got through to one of his team informing her that as of the previous evening , AP and the Huff had identified him as being a 55 year old Coptic Christian from Egypt . It was obvious O Brian's researchers had not done their homework or as more likely were closed down .
    Needless to say I was not put through and O Brian was allowed to carry on slating the Jews for something that was nothing to do with them .
    I'm not surprised . O. Brian has previous form on Israel and it's all bad .
    Joke is , on the same programme he went on to castigate the Sun for their reporting of the Hillsboro disaster labelling the Sun gutter press .
    Man is a hypocrite without parallel .

  6. James O'Brien is indeed a nasty piece of work (I can no longer bear to listen to him). A real old-fashioned anti-Semite. I've put in formal complaints to LBC before about his anti-Israel bias and have been totally ignored. O'Brien is on every weekday spewing his nonsense from 10.00 until 13:00. But there is no relief on LBC on Saturdays. From 07.00 until 10:00 there is the classic "as a Jew" James Max whose ignorance about Israel and the Middle East never fails to stop him pushing the classic leftist narrative (despite the fact that he calls himself a conservative). Then from 10:00 until 13.00 there is the double act of two of the biggest anti-Semites ever to have been MPs, namely Ken Livingstone and David Mellor. The joke is that Mellor is supposed to be the 'conservative counterbalance' to Livingstone.

  7. Behead all those who insult the Enlightenment.


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