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Sunday, 9 September 2012

BoycottIsraelNetwork Footage Of The Batsheva Disruption (video)

An outfit calling itself BoycottIsraelNetwork has uploaded this footage of the outrageous scenes outside and inside the Edinburgh theatre on the opening night of the Batsheva Dance Company's performance there.

There's manic screeching of the blood libel, the burning of tickets, and a female activist gloatingly telling a wildly receptive mob of the impact of the disruptions upon the audience...

Writes the uploader:
'Boycott campaigners turned the empty Zionist slogan "Culture unites, Boycotts Divide" totally on its head in Edinburgh last weekend, drawing some of Scotland's best known cultural figures, many theatre--goers and Ohad Naharin, artistic director of Israel's world-renowned Batsheva dance company, into public dialogue about its role as a state-funded "cultural ambassador."'

And here's a BBC2Newsnight report uploaded by BDS stalwart Alex Seymour:


  1. They should be beaten down in the streets. Every last one of them. Brownshirts get curb stomped.

  2. An account of the disruption by one of their activists appears at

  3. You silly people, you talk about democracy then you belittle these people exercising their democratic rights. If they were in the wrong why did the police not arrest them?

    Take a good look at Israel's crime against Palestinians. You won't do because you have selective sight. You do more damage to Israel than these people.

    1. You are the silly one. It's the Israel-haters who have selective sight, and it's they who behave like totalitarian fascists, denying a dance troupe its democratic right to perform and an audience its democratic right to enjoy that performance unhindered.


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