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Monday 5 December 2011

The Land Of The Midnight Sons: Norwegian Government Ministers Rape Israel

It seems that antisemitism is so ingrained in the psyche of Norway's leftwing political elite, that they twist into propaganda against Israel a rape epidemic in their country by Muslim immigrants from benighted countries who believe that Norwegian women, going freely about their business and dressed how they like, are fair game.  (No pun intended.)

Back in July, when this epidemic first came to light, it was reported that:
 'Yehuda Bello, an Israeli blogger who is well-acquainted with Norwegian culture, noted the report and claimed that Norwegians are a culture that suffers from “extreme boredom” due to the presence of huge oil reserves, and are thus inordinately interested in multiculturalism and assorted “human rights” campaigns.
They are also traditionally anti-Semitic, he believes. As a result their politicians and press are focused on Israel’s actions in Shechem (Nablus) and Hevron and choose to ignore Muslim misdeeds – be they in Iran, Syria, or in Norway itself.
 Despite this, he reports, the Muslim rape campaign has become so terrible that even Norwegians have begun to recognize the reality around them, and in recent months there have been protests where the slogan was “Muslims out!”'. 
Now, it's further reported, Yehuda Bello
'who understands Norwegian and has Norwegian contacts, reports that from January to late October, 48 rapes were confirmed to have been carried out in Oslo alone, 45 of them by Muslims. In the first six months of 2011, 208 Norwegian women complained of rape and attempted rape in Oslo alone. In all of Norway, 929 rapes and attempted aggravated rapes were reported since the beginning of the year, he adds.
Bello notes that Norway is "the most advanced country in the world in granting rights to women." However, he adds, the "politically correct rot" prevents the rape wave by Muslims from being reported. "They are called 'non-western,' 'dark skinned,' 'Middle Eastern' et cetera.
 After a police report in Oslo said that Muslims were raping Norwegian women out of a religious conviction that this was the proper thing to do,  a stormy public debate erupted, reports Bello, and "the government ministers, most of them avowed anti-Semites, claimed that the report and its publication serve Israel and its policy of occupation."
Norway's justice minister defended the police report but also said that "Israel must be glad to hear about it."
Bello says women do not dare venture out of their homes after dark in many parts of Norway and that many have even dyed their hair black, out of the conviction that blond hair is more alluring to the rapists. Some carry tear gas, although this is against the law.'
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  1. To be fair it’s only 100% of the “stranger rape” category.

    From the “pro Israel” BBC
    Exposed: Groomed for Sex,
    “the Muslim Pakistani offenders who make up the 80 per cent found guilty, specifically, of on-street grooming. It's an issue that was recently highlighted – to considerably outrage – by Jack Straw, who possibly didn't demonstrate the best choice of words when he said that Muslim men saw white girls as "easy meat".”

    Timely given the recent Laura Wilson story
    Groomed for sex at 12, stabbed to death at 17: Shocking life of white teenage mother murdered after Asian lover rejected her child

  2. I have seen lots about this issue over the past few months on the Vlad Tepes blog.


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