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Sunday 18 December 2011

Christian Anti-Zionists Flex Their Muscles

A mischievous Christian anti-Zionist document entitled the Bethlehem Call  (which among other things commits itself unequivocally to supporting the right of return for the so-called refugees) has just been issued by over 60 participants from 15 countries who from 4-10 December joined Palestinians in the Kairos for Global Justice Encounter/Conference in Bethlehem.
In their document they say, inter alia:
'Israel regards itself to be above the law and is treated as exempt from international law. This status provides the Israeli government the freedom to occupy Palestine with impunity. As witnessed with our own eyes, the treacherous conditions imposed by the Israeli occupation on Palestinians and their land have reached a level of almost unimaginable and sophisticated criminality.
This includes the slow yet deliberate and systematic ethnic cleansing and the geo-cide of Palestinians and Palestine as well as the strangling of the Palestinian economy. The brutality in the “violence of silence” internationally provides an almost impenetrable shield for the Israeli government to implement its evil designs [my emphasis] in blatant disregard for human rights and international law. Silence is an opinion. Inaction is an action. We witness decidedly spineless cowardice in failure to resist the Israeli government by the majority of governments, political parties, media outlets, businesses, most of organized religion -- including Christianity -- and the silence of prophets worldwide. This makes us accomplices in crimes against humanity, such as the crimes of apartheid and persecution as described in international law.... 
The deligitimization and criminalization of the Israeli government and its local and international support base is gaining unstoppable momentum. The existence of international boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaigns and other forms of non-violent resistance is an established fact. The government and state of Israel is now regarded as an apartheid regime in terms of international law, with particular reference to the UN Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid and the Rome Statutes of the International Criminal Court.....'
'The time for words and diplomatic niceties, that obscure the reality, are over. We affirm the churches’ commitment to and contributions for decisive action since the Amman Call as well as in the creation and impact of the Palestine Israel Ecumenical Forum (PIEF). Nevertheless,we will strengthen and increase our advocacy initiatives. Therefore, we:
• Reject the silence of the church, lest we be accomplices in crimes against humanity, such as those of apartheid and persecution. It is imperative to speak up and cry with the oppressed in demanding justice.
• Refuse to be coerced into accepting financial assistance from any church or organisation that supports the Occupation.
• Challenge any church which, either directly or indirectly, invests in companies which support the occupation. As congregants of a church, we will be alert towards church policies and challenge unethical financial investment and spending practices.
• Call the Israeli occupation of Palestine a crime and sin. We reject any theological or political justification for the Occupation. We regard such theologies as defying the core of the Gospel.
• Reject any argument aimed at convincing Palestinians and the international community that the problems are caused by Muslims rather than the Occupation. [My emphasis]
• Demand that churches take bold and courageous positions for justice against injustice. We are appalled at the spiritual and institutional cowardice that refuses to take an unequivocal stand for justice. Equally, victims and perpetrators cannot be put on equal footing in efforts to create illusions of balance.
• Confirm our obligation to resist the Occupation in faith, hope and love. We reject calls to cease advocating and practising BDS or any other form of non-violent civil resistance that will end the Occupation.'
Read the entire document here


  1. Mmmmm... just clicked on the link and got: page not found!!

  2. If they were real Christians they’d be defending the Copts from Muslim thugs.

    Franciscan leader leery of move to make Bethlehem a UNESCO heritage site
    The Christians of Bethlehem: Intimidation by Muslim extremists
    Also from the “no no it’s not really the Muslims fault” file.
    Catholic statue 'beheaded' in Java


  3. The failure of so many Christians to speak out on behalf of their persecuted co-religionists under Islam is indeed astonishing! The Barnabas Trust is, of course, the worthy exception.
    I can't explain the broken link, Juniper.

  4. Apart from the obvious allusion to blood libel by this document...apparently these geniuses have no clue that Bethlehem is not "occupied" and that it is a Palestinian city under PA governance. That since Israel left the area, the christian population of Bethlehem has dwindled to almost nonexistent due to persecution and attacks by Moslems backed by and allowed by the PA.


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