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(From Proclamation of the State of Israel, 5 Iyar 5708; 14 May 1948)

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Wednesday 11 May 2011

The Blonde and the Batty (video)

Haters of Jews are so very often haters of Freemasons.

For instance, the nineteenth-century Russian apostate from Judaism Jacob Brafman demonised the two groups in his nasty and notorious Kniga Kagala - The Book of the  Kahal  - precursor to that despicable forgery and "warrant for genocide" The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Then, too, the ultramontane and fascist persecutors of Jews in nineteenth- and twentieth-century France classed Jews, Freemasons, and Protestants as the trio of  so-called métèque elements held, absurdly, to be deliberately and perversely undermining the nation.

Indeed, in just one contemporary internet example, a conspiracy theorist and avowed Christian believer  who persistently infests my comments box with grotesque judeophobic tripe has a breathtakingly vicious anti-Israel blog in which Jews and Freemasons are routinely held responsible for the world's troubles.

The following video, featuring a titled Australian Ahmadinejad-admiring judeophobe (for whom see, is notable mainly for its curiosity value as an example of the genre. You'll gather, from the reference to Gordon Brown as "prime minister in waiting," that it's not exactly up-to-the-minute (unless, as I suspect, she meant to say "former prime minister".) But it's worth watching all the same, as an insight into the raw antisemitism that still lurks in some quarters - the kind of nutty Jew-hatred, with references to rule by the Rothschilds and a Judeo-Masonic conspiracy - that really should have had the decency to have died along with Hitler. 

In the words of its uploader:
'In March 2011 the mainstream media reported Iranian alarm that the logo for London's 2012 Olympics had been encoded simultaneously to spell out the word ZION - a celebration of the predatory Zionist state in Palestine founded in 1948 (the year of the previous London Olympics). In this video the Islamic Republic of Iran News Network interviews Lady Michèle Renouf and lawyer Philip Bree, who explain the background to this affair: the "brand consultants" and advertising agencies with close ties to leading Zionists and the Western political establishment; the influence of Freemasonry among the founders of the modern Olympics, such as their main instigator Baron Pierre de Coubertin; and the occult/Masonic significance of the famous Olympic symbol.'


  1. You rang, m'lady?

    Awww... all those compliments... you looking to give me a big *ahem* 'head' or something?

    Say, Lady Renouf looks simply smashing for 65, doesn't she? You wouldn't be just a little green around the gills admiring this lovely example of womanhood, now, would you, Daph? I don't mind telling you, my knightly virtue would be severely tasked in her company!

    Of course, she's spot on... about the Zionists' plan for world domination, that is. The logo issue is a new one on me, I'll confess. Interesting, though. I'll have to look into that one a little more. I do know that Zionists are the most arrogant bastards going, they love to plaster occult and arcane paraphernalia and symbolism all over everything - art, architecture, commercial ads, currency - they are positively in love with themselves, Daph. They love rubbing us "conspiracy freaks'" noses in it, right over the heads of and in front of the dupes.

    Because you seem to know so little about this subject, I can tell you that freemasonry does predate Zionism, it is a direct descendant of the ancient mysteries that have opposed God's people and the rest of humanity since the days of Nimrod. What it all boils down to (and even many Zionists aren't aware of this) is that Satan has been warring with God since his expulsion from Heaven. He's crazy pissed, Daph. He's not going down without a fight... but he IS going down, I assure you. You don't want to be associated with him in any way!

    About Rogge... yes, I would imagine that someone rated the 67th most influential person in the world would "smile a big smile" knowing his ass is so deep into the conspiracy, Satan looks sideways at him. I'd say that 'smile' was more reminiscent of a Great White up close and personal... but, that's only the opinion of a lowly "grotesque Judeophobe". By the way, "phobe" (phobia) implies a fear of something. I fear little... especially anything connected with a filthy Zionist and his trade. I certainly don't fear Judaism... you do, however, as you support Judaism's enemies, the Zionists and Freemasons.

    In ending this, I find it amusing that an epileptic child would see something amiss with the logo when a sophisticated Zionist such as yourself wouldn't recognize the handiwork of her own mentors! I guess anyone that would miss the OBVIOUS satanic symbol adorning the Zionist flag, couldn't be relied upon to recognize something a tad more subtle... right?

    As is my custom, I'll be posting this response on my blog. I employ a little more latitude in free speech, there. Ciao!

  2. Ah - right on cue.

    See what I mean, everybody!

    Nutty as a fruitcake.

  3. Indeed, Ian.
    On the Continent Freemasonry was associated with radicalism vs ancien regimes, and with anti-clericalism, and that's why Pope Leo X forbade Catholics to join lodges.
    I do know that Masonic ritual refers to Solomon's Temple and "The Great Architect of the Universe" and with the avowal of a Supreme Being it's not atheistic, and it's very worthy in the good works that its members undertake. In Britain and in Australia it helped middle-class Jews to integrate into society, by admitting them as members.


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