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Friday 20 May 2011

Al Beeb's Website Continues Its Anti-Israel Bias

The BBC's outrageous bias against Israel has been well-documented, and in some respects its widely-read news website is the worst offender of all, as well as being arguably the most effective in demonising Israel, since it reaches many millions worldwide.

BBC Jerusalem correspondent Wyre Davies, who used to be the corporation's Wales correspondent, does not yet appear to have become infected with Bowenitis, or Israel Demonising Reportage, from his boss, Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen. 

On Al Beeb's website today, Wyre Davies gives a straightforward enough account of Binyamin Netanyahu's reaction to Obama's speech that calls for a Palestinian State on the basis of the 1967 borders. (

However, on a separate page, somebody - presumably the websites's Middle East editor, who I believe is an Arab, has taken excerpts from Mr Davies's report, and entitled it "Analysis". (

It thus turns the original report into something it certainly is not, but does serve the purpose of taking a swipe at Israel and Israel's supporters:
"In many ways the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, should be a man content with his lot. He is on a high-profile visit to Washington where he will be met with a firm handshake and warm words from President Barack Obama.

In a historic address to a joint-session of Congress next week, he can expect to be repeatedly applauded as he describes how his government tirelessly searches for peace.

And at the annual conference of Aipac - the American pro-Israel lobby - he will be feted as a hero and beacon of light in an otherwise hostile region.

But at home, in a dramatically changing Middle East, the Israeli leader appears increasingly out-manoeuvred and out of step with the attempts of others to resolve the frustrating and long-standing stalemate in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."

Worse, in an accompanying unattributed piece, beneath the sub-heading "Arab Spring",  we're told:

 'Israel's claim to being the only democratic state in the region has also been undermined by the dramatic developments of the "Arab Spring" anti-government uprisings, our correspondent [Wyre Davies] adds.'

That does distort what Davies wrote, taking it out of context and adding a spin.

The fact that democracy still has to be accomplished in those Arab countries, and that the spectre of an Islamist takeover looms over Egypt, does not occur to Al Beeb, so keen is it to use every cudgel it can manifacture to beat Israel again and again.

And, as is its wont, Al Beeb 's website placed a little piece of Palestinian propaganda contained in the report is repeated in bold type as a stand-alone eye-catcher for maximum impact - in this case Hamas Foreign Minister Mohamed Awad saying: "Obama didn't say anything about the suffering of the Palestinian people, who are suffering for more than 63 years."

Just as Al Beeb (on the website or anywhere else) never says anything about Hamas's avowed genocidal intentions towards Israel, or provides us with proper analysis of why Israel fears that the 1967 borders are indefensible.  (Note the inevitable inverted commas round Wyre Davie's reference to

Evidently, they are too intent on trying to portray Netanyahu as "yesterday's man", to use the phrase Al Beeb's Obama-besotted North America editor Mark Mardell employs today.

For Netanyahu's reaction to Obama's speech see:

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