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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Manchild in George's Promised Land

As Britain goes to the polls, an article by a journalist and pundit called Ben Judah begins:
'Welcome to Gallowayland.
This is what I think as I drive into Bradford.
In two hour’s time I will be punched in the head.
The squinty moon-face of one of Britain’s most ferocious orators glares from the street posters, capped by a black fedora.
... George Galloway has turned the constituency of Bradford West into his own world, catapulting into parliament as a Muslim-grievance politician from Britain’s most Islamic city.
Galloway, a former Labour Party MP, has got his seat by using anti-Zionist rhetoric, whilst suing critics who say he is anti-Semitic. His political genius is to have twigged that Bradford’s multiculturalism is a mirage: He now plays the city’s Pakistani clan politics, of family controlled votes, for power.
British civility has collapsed in Bradford’s elections.
The Labour Party is reported to have struggled to choose a candidate without the acquiescence of the Kashmiri clan dominating its local branch, and supporters of its eventual candidate Naz Shah have received menacing threats — like the dead crow, its mouth stuffed with grass, she found on her doorstep.
Bradford has also earned a reputation in Britain as unfriendly to Jews — a place where a journalist who walked the streets in a skullcap in March was almost immediately abused.
Galloway, who heads something called the Respect Party, has declared the city “an Israel-free zone.”
I drive through Gallowayland.
The leader of the Respect Party calls Bradford “the city of gold,” and has been going around the city in an old Rolls Royce, or an open-top double-decker bus fluttering with Pakistani and Palestinian flags.
I drive around shuttered industrial yards, cramped terraces of rising damp, and boarded-up pubs, their roofs sprouting with plants.
Respect has told me they are holding a “rally” in the community hall of St. Martin’s Church that I may attend as a journalist.
I walk into the hall....'
Read the rest here
Update: Galloway has lost his seat!!!


  1. I won't read it because somewhere in that article Politico is cheering at the Jew hate. Or laughing at it.

    1. That's very cynical of you. Trudy!
      Here's the gorgeous one again:

    2. Yes, what a result altogether!

  2. Plus in the neighbouring constituency David ( the Joooos ) Ward is kicked out.
    BUT there has to be a but, the fagala Gerald Kaufman at the age of 83 is re-elected with a 150% increase in votes.

    1. "Today a rooster, tomorrow a feather duster" is an Aussie phrase re politicians, Steve. Thanks for telling me about Ward ... Pity about the dreadful GK.


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