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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Feathers From A Bradford Duster

"Today a rooster; tomorrow a feather duster" (Australian saying)

Poor Gorgeous George.

The ex-Respect MP with the monstrous ego still compares himself to a lion, to judge from his bravado in that appallingly graceless losing speech of his in Bradford West after his resounding drubbing at the hands of Labour's Nazeem Shah was announced.

Ms Shah, of course, had been traduced by him as a liar regarding revelations of her forced marriage to a stranger in her "British Asian"  family's country of origin when she was 15 and its registration in Britain when she was 16 (the legal minimum age for nuptials in the UK) so that the groom could settle there.

Tapping into the party of Muslim "victimhood"
So this is an especially sweet victory for her.

In defeat, George let rip with:
 "I don’t begrudge the Labour members here their moment of celebration of course.
 But there will be others who are already celebrating: the venal, the vile, the racists and the Zionists will all be celebrating.
 The hyena can bounce on the lion’s grave but it can never be a lion and in any case, I’m not in my grave. As a matter of fact I’m going off now to plan the next campaign."
But really George is just another of the 2015 British General Election's many fine examples of roosters, once cocks of the walk, who are now feather dusters. (They include the atrocious antisemitic anti-Israel Lib Dem David Ward, thrown out of his own Bradford seat by a discerning electorate!)

Let's have a look back at a sample of George the Duster's feathers, which, while he was still a rooster strutting about Bradford with his particular set of chums, were preened during his failed election campaign:

First, from "Team Galloway":

Then, squawking from the cock himself:

On the mean streets:

A vow about an alleged paedophile (hardcore "Islamophobes" will doubtless see the irony in this), who just happens to have been a stalwart defender of Israel in Parliament:

Campaign literature of the member for Pakistan Palestine:

With the granddaddies of the party and the 'hood:

Hmmm, segregated on the top deck where the cold winds blow, while the menfolk sit cosy and snug inside the campaign bus, George?

 Contrasting himself with his Labour opponent:

And one of several mocking squawks about members of her family being in his camp:

Naz Shah sure is one woman on top now, though, eh, George?

As the saying goes: "pride has  a fall".


  1. Great that Galloway and Ward have been booted out. But even better (and surprisingly few have noticed) is that Simon Hughes has also gone. Here are his views on Israel:

  2. David Ward was also turfed out
    Virulent Anti-Israel MPs Ousted in UK Election
    Arutz Sheva English Managing Editor Ari Soffer, who is British-born, dissected the results, saying "defeats for Galloway and Ward are very important in showing that Jew-baiting doesn't pay off as a political strategy. The results reflect well on the British people."
    "It's true there are plenty of other anti-Israel MPs out there, but these two in particular often crossed the line by openly flirting with anti-Semitism. Their defeat is important at a time of anxiety for British Jewry, who are facing a worrying rise in anti-Semitism," noted Soffer.

    And he's a sore loser
    David Ward absent as he loses seat by over 7000 votes

    Elder also listed 2 others that I've never heard of
    Andrew George
    Chris Williamson

  3. Also in UK news
    Britain’s Archbishop of Canterbury Calls on Christians to Fight ‘Horrendous’ Violence Against Jews
    The archbishop also apologized for the actions of Church of England vicar Stephen Sizer, who in 2014 attended an antisemitic conference in Iran, where conspiracy theories such as Israel’s involvement in the 9/11 attacks as well as the dominance of the “Zionist lobby” over the U.S. and the EU were presented.

  4. Don't say G-d doesn't have a sense of humor. Many anti-Semites and Israel hating MPs in British political life were swept out Thursday.

    The bad news is many of them are still around. But we can take solace that those who curse Israel will never have good coming to them and I for one take satisfaction in the demise of George Galloway and his anti-Israel lot.

    Good riddance!

    1. Sorry to say but Galloway and Ward's replacements are just as bad if not worse. Being anti Israel is compulsory in that part of the world.

    2. But hopefully they won't be as obsessive as George was :(

  5. Add Natalie Bennett of the Greens to the list of obsessive Israel Haters who lost.

  6. Galloway is appealing the election claiming Naz Shah made false statements during the campaign. She claimed she was married at 15 but George claims she was married at 16!!! There are also claims of postal voting fraud (no details).

    Galloway has been reported to the police for tweeting his party's exit polls which is in breach of the law.

    During the campaign Respect accused her of being pro Israel which she has denied. (PITY) She was, however, mentored by Birmingham Labour MP Khalid Mahmood who has links to the pro-Israel Henry Jackson Society. Could we be lucky and have a Pakistani-origin MP who is not obsessed with Palestine?

    One theory for Galloway's defeat is that his Palestine antics actually lost him support. He spent far more time on them than his duties to his constituents. Another is that his close Iranian (Shiite) connections were not appreciated by the Sunni Pakistanis in Bradford West. Yet another was racism. The Pakistanis noticed his blue eyes, Scots accent and pale skin and said "not one of us".

    1. I appreciate your comment, David. Sorry I seem to have been tardy in posting it.
      Someone was only saying to me today that George's Iran connections can't have been loved by the Sunnis.


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