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Monday, 9 March 2015

Pro-Palestinian Activist: "Far More To Do With Hatred Of Jews Than Any Concern With Israel’s Treatment Of The Palestinians"

If you need any persuading that antisemitism pervades sections of the anti-Israel movement, you have only to look (for samples and leads) at the disgraceful material that infests this incorrigible activist's Facebook wall.

Or this "Christian" wickedness.

Or this.

 Matt Carr, a UK-based pro-Palestinian activist, has to his credit drawn attention to, and blasted, the existence of the antisemitism that blights the anti-Israel movement.

 He has written, inter alia:

"[T]he fact that antisemitism is used as an instrument of Israeli propaganda and political manipulation doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.  I was reminded of its existence by some of the tweets and comments in response to a piece that I wrote about Netanyahu’s appearance in the US Congress, which was posted on the Stop the War UK Facebook site yesterday [5 March].
 One linked to former KKK leader David Duke.   
Another posted a cartoon of a hook-nosed evil-looking Jew holding the United States dog by the reins.
 Yet another referred to the ‘masonic-zionist’ conspiracy to control the world – just a slight and not very convincing tweak of the old ‘masonic-Jewish’ conspiracies of old.
There were a number of references to ‘zionazis’ and the Rothschilds.  One commentator suggested that ISIS had been created by ‘IsraeZionist Rothschilds’ in order to kill ‘innocent Muslims.’.
Obviously  these comments don’t represent the official position of STWUK [Stop The War UK]...   But they are nevertheless another expression of  a very real phenomenon that has far more to do with hatred of Jews that [sic; i.e. than] any concern with Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians.   The spikes in attacks on Jewish synagogues and cemeteries and other antisemitic incidents in recent years may have accompanied Israel’s wars in Gaza, but attacking Jews because they are Jews is not an expression of solidarity with anyone.
It’s no good saying that Israel is partly responsible for this ‘confusion’, because it identifies itself so closely with Jews internationally.  We don’t – well most of us don’t – hold all Muslims responsible for the actions of ISIS or al-Qaeda or even Saudi Arabia for that matter, so Jews should not be held collectively responsible for what Israel does.  It’s that kind of thinking, at its worst extreme,  that led Mohammed Merah to shoot a Jewish schoolgirl and Amedy Coulibaly to target a Jewish supermarket. [Emphasis added]
And please don’t ask me to believe that these murders were the result of some misplaced anger about the injustices perpetrated against Palestinians in Gaza.   If you care about Gaza there are a thousand things you can do that don’t require murdering Jews.  It’s one thing to criticize Israel’s brutal [sic] treatment of the Palestinians, but that doesn’t mean that Israel is a Nazi state.  It doesn’t mean that Israel is responsible for every act of mayhem in the Middle East.   It doesn’t even mean that Israel is uniquely evil and monstrous.   Many states have behaved better than Israel.  But there are also states that have behaved worse and do behave worse.'
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  1. Keeping in mind of course that they've simply become open and proud of their Jew hatred and have decided to use that openness as a recruiting tool. The Nazis didn't always use raw Jew hatred openly. For example during the Berlin Olympics they consciously tuned down the antisemitic rhetoric. It looks like our 'activist' here is doing nothing more than ripping off the mask as a tactic to welcome in the naked Jew haters because they are Jew haters.


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